Justice League is Wasting Cyborg & Green Lantern’s Ultimate Power Combo

Justice League is Wasting Cyborg & Green Lantern's Ultimate Power Combo

It’s an unlikely pairing, but with the right strategy Cyborg and Green Lantern can deliver the perfect one-two punch with endless possibilities.

There have been a number of great team-ups in the DC universe over the years, but perhaps none needs more attention than the tag team of Cyborg and the Green Lantern Simon Baz. Their ability to perfectly synthesize their powers to pull off an impressive attack is demonstrated in 2017’s Green Lanterns #15. The issue was written by Sam Humphries and illustrated by Miguel Mendonca.

The issue is primarily focused on Jessica Cruz, who became a Green Lantern following the Forever Evil storyline when she was possessed by the evil Power Ring from Earth-3. Jessica suffers from crippling anxiety, and she attempts to deal with it through her friendship with fellow Green Lantern Simon Baz. The two are supposed to have pancakes and chat over breakfast when a Justice League emergency comes up and Jessica and Simon have to go fight a giant yellow monster.


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The monster that the Green Lanterns encounter is supposedly looking for his brother, a tip that makes Simon remember a story Hal Jordan told him about defeating a similar monster. They need to use a chemical compound called aqua regia, a mixture of hydrochloric and nitric acids. Simon enlists Cyborg to generate the compound while Simon uses his ring to make a construct to fire it. The construct looks like a maxed-out version of Cyborg’s arm cannon, and Simon uses his ring to affix it right onto Cyborg’s arm. The duo uses the move to defeat the monster and dissolve his body.

What makes the uniqueness of their team-up so awesome is that it’s essentially a union of technology. In the case of Green Lantern, his power ring is nothing more than sophisticated alien tech. For Cyborg, he’s advanced human technology. So their ability to work together so seamlessly goes beyond just an incredible fighting move. It’s also symbolic of how merging alien and human technology can really make something special.

This combo is so powerful it might even be able to rival Marvel’s most famous tag team move, the Fastball Special. In fact, the Cyborg/Green Lantern team is probably more powerful than Wolverine and Colossus’s signature. In terms of the Fastball Special, it’s really just one move. Colossus throws Wolverine, who essentially becomes projectile. But by teaming up Cyborg and Green Lantern, the possibilities are endless. If they harness one special technique that utilizes Cyborg’s AI and Green Lantern’s constructs and use it over and over again throughout the years, there’s no reason why DC can’t have their very own iconic maneuver that fans can rally around.

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