Kardashians Reportedly Deny Roblox Incident Was Fake Amid Accusations

Kardashians Reportedly Deny Roblox Incident Was Fake Amid Accusations

Amid numerous accusations of the Roblox sex tape incident seen on The Kardashians being unrealistic, a source reports the events were not falsified.

Amid accusations that the stars of The Kardashians fabricated Kim’s son finding a reference to her sex tape within a popular video game, a source has stepped up to clarify that the incident wasn’t falsified. No scandal has haunted Kim Kardashian more than her infamous sex tape. Kim was just a minor public figure in the early 2000s, making a name for herself as a personal stylist for A-list celebrities such as Brandy Norwood and Paris Hilton. In 2007, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum made headlines for a leaked sex tape in which she and her then-boyfriend, Willie “Ray J” Norwood, fooled around and had sex while filming their exploits. While Kim attempted to sue the production company that leaked the video, she settled out of court, and the incident remains a monumental moment for media outlets in the early 2000s.


While her beginnings were rocky, Kim has since become one of the most prominent media moguls in the world. The sex tape scandal was discussed in detail during the first season of KUWTK and sporadically throughout the other seasons. Kim has changed dramatically since the scandal, leveraging the exposure to become one of the most prolific reality television stars ever. Kim has attempted to move past the scandal, hoping to shift focus to the next chapter of her life, including her children, makeup and shapewear lines, and budding law career. Sadly, the popular video game Roblox led to a derailment in her peace. In a recent episode of the new Hulu series The Kardashians, viewers watched in horror as Kim’s six-year-old son, Saint unknowingly showed her a reference to the sex tape on the popular Roblox.

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Despite accusations from Roblox creators that the incident was sensationalized and unrealistic, a source close to the Kardashian family reporting to BBC denies the scene was manipulated for the cameras. “The Kim Kardashian Experience” was a room created by a Roblox player featuring an image of Kim crying with an advert for a new sex tape. In show interviews, Kim explained, “I look at it and it said something super-inappropriate like, ‘Kim’s new sex tape’. This is supposed to be unreleased footage from my old sex tape.” A disturbing event, no doubt, but the incident has been met with controversy due to Roblox’s response.

Kim crying with Khloe looking on Keeping up with the Kardashians

The creators swiftly removed the room and banned its creator, confirming that no sex tape was ever available. Still, the troubling series of events led to Kim threatening to sue Roblox for the content being shared on a platform intended for young children. Game creators responded to the incident by denying the “astronomically small” possibility of the six-year-old finding the problematic room in question. Creators reported to BBC, “There are two potential ways for Saint to have found such a game—either he or the family actively searched for (or even created) such a game or someone else in their group of peers created it and then shared it directly with the boy.”

Leaving previous incidents in the rearview has proven harder for Kim than she hoped. With sources close to the family confirming the scene wasn’t falsified for viewer interest in the Kardashians series, the events of the episode are even more troubling. No one wants their child exposed to explicit details of their sexual history, and it’s hard to believe Kim would fabricate her son seeing such images. Unfortunately, the sex tape has been a consistent haunt within Kim’s peripheral since the infamous 2007 incident. While the Kardashians have yet to comment on Roblox’s response, they are seemingly focused on moving on from the stressful event.

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The Kardashians is now streaming on Hulu.

Source: BBC


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