Kendall Long Spills Her Favorite Thing About New Boyfriend Mitch

Kendall Long Spills Her Favorite Thing About New Boyfriend Mitch

Bachelor In Paradise’s Kendall Long and her new boyfriend Mitch talk all about their relationship, her favorite thing about him, and how they met.

Bachelor In Paradise’s Kendall Long is dishing her favorite thing about her new boyfriend Mitch Sage. Bachelor Nation was first introduced to Kendall on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s season of The Bachelor, but most fans know her best from BIP season 5. After the travesty that ways Arie’s season, Kendall gave it one more try on the beaches of Mexico. Surprisingly, it worked. Kendall met fan-favorite “Grocery Store Joe” Amabile, and the two had an instant connection. Though she left BIP alone on week 5, the two reconnected after the show and began dating. This launched a two-year relationship, in which the pair were so in love they were even considering moving in with each other.


This potential plan ended up leading to their demise as Kendall refused to move to Chicago to be with Joe. Ultimately this decision, along with other issues in their relationship, led to the couple breaking up. In 2021 Joe joined BIP season 7 and met his now fiancée Serena Pitt. Though it had been nearly a year since Kendall and Joe broke up, she surprised him on BIP to ask if he’d be willing to give it a try. Kendall was firm she hadn’t changed her stance on moving, and because of this and Joe’s growing connection with Serena, he decided to say goodbye to their relationship for good. Kendall has kept away from any romance rumors since but this April she took to Instagram to proclaim her love for her new boyfriend Mitch.

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Since then, the couple has kept things fairly private, but this week Kendall and Mitch stopped by Bachelor Nation to gush about their relationship. When asked what her favorite thing about Mitch was, Kendall responded, “…it’s so rare to find somebody that challenges me the way he does. If I believe something, he always asks why I believe it and challenges me in a lot of different ways…I just feel like he mentally stimulates me beyond anyone I’ve ever met.” In response, Mitch gushed about how “genuine” Kendall was, she doesn’t pretend to be anyone else, and to Mitch that’s refreshing. The pair also shared they’d met each other’s parents, and Kendall had been texting Mitch’s mom ever since.

Fans may be surprised to learn Mitch had no idea who Kendall was, and had never even seen an episode of The Bachelor when the pair met. Though they did share how they got together, “We met through a mutual friend at a pregame party!” The pair met right before the holidays in 2021. Kendall explained what drew her to Mitch was that he knew one of Jupiter’s moons, “I was talking about this moon off of Jupiter that could potentially harbor alien life. And he was like, ‘That’s Europa.’ And I was so surprised he knew the name of that moon! It’s rare that I meet someone that’s as interested in certain things like science as I am.” The pair are looking forward to their upcoming trip to the UK for the first time, and even visiting Disneyland with Kendall’s family.

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