Lane Fernandez Dies At Age 28, Three Weeks After Son’s Birth

Lane Fernandez Dies At Age 28, Three Weeks After Son's Birth

Lane Fernandez, 28, of MTV’s Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant died. Wife Kylee announced the news of Lane’s death on Facebook Monday, June 13th.

Just three weeks after the birth of his son, Nolyn, on May 22 with wife Kylee Rose Fernandez, Lane Fernandez, 28, of MTV’s seasons 2 and 3 of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant died of unknown causes. Lane featured in Teen Mom with ex Malorie Beaver. Lane’s wife Kylee announced the news of Lane’s death Monday, June 13. Malorie and Lane shared the birth of their daughter, Emerson, 3, and their co-parenting story on Teen Mom.

In July 2021, Lane and Kylee posted birthday wishes to Emerson, which prompted an angry response from Malorie. This started a social media controversy when Malorie claimed that Lane had not seen Emerson in months. The incident reportedly led to a feud in which Lane and Kylee to try filing for custody of Emerson. Since Lane’s death, Malorie posted a video of Lane, citing that she wanted him to be remembered as “A happy father and a guy who tried his hardest to overcome all the demons he faced,” preferring to focus on the positives of his parenting while referring to problems he may have had.


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Kylee posted on Facebook (via ET) “I’m so lost without you babe…I will forever miss you. It’s always been you💕 Nolyn, Emerson, and I love you so much and you were an amazing father, dog dad, and husband. You’ll forever be my rock, and my best friend. ❤️ I miss you more than anything baby.” Adding to the tributes was Malorie’s sister Rachel Beaver, also of Teen Mom fame. Rachel posted her grief with an Instagram photo of Lane and Emerson in a pool. The caption read “I can’t even begin to express the pain I feel right now. Gone too soon … Rest easy Lane.”

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There is no doubt that viewers would like to know what caused Lane’s death as he rose into popularity with Malorie during his time on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant. Malorie gave birth to Emerson during season 2 in 2019 while she and Lane were working on their relationship. Malorie and Lane’s relationship ended and Lane found and was wedded to Kylee, furthering his story of life after teen pregnancy. As news of Lane’s death was recent, details of the cause of death should be reported in the upcoming autopsy.

Whether or not “the demons” Lane’s ex Malorie said that the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant star faced had anything to do with his untimely death remains to be seen. Whether or not the autopsy report would provide comfort for those who loved Lane also remains to be seen. Those close to Lane posted images of a happy man, revealing they preferred to see his happier side rather than focus on any negative attributes or feelings, as many often do during times like these. Lane’s fans would also certainly be mourning his death alongside his loved ones. MTV gave no comment as news of Lane’s death just occurred, and those who knew him and viewers would need to process the news.

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