Leaked Pokémon TCG Holiday Calendar Promises New Cards, Daily Surprises

Leaked Pokémon TCG Holiday Calendar Promises New Cards, Daily Surprises

A leak has revealed that the Pokémon Trading Card Game is producing an advent calendar for this year, featuring cards from the Sword & Shield series.

A new leak has revealed the Pokémon Trading Card Game will potentially be producing an advent calendar for this year’s holiday season. The Pokémon franchise is no stranger to festive merchandise, releasing plenty of new clothes, accessories, and other trinkets every year. These options give fans plenty of opportunities to show off their love of the series and add the Pokémon into daily life.

The Pokémon TCG has already added numerous new expansions to the game throughout 2022. The most recent expansion set, Astral Radiance, was released just last month and added over 200 new cards to the game. The next major release will be the long-awaited Pokémon GO collaboration set, due to release on July 1. Unlike Astral Radiance, the Pokémon GO TCG set will only have around 100 cards and will be sold exclusively in bundled products. Both Astral Radiance and the Pokémon GO TCG sets are part of the Pokémon TCG’s Sword & Shield series, which has seen powerful new mechanics being added to the game.


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The popular Pokémon TCG fansite Pokébeach has now revealed details of another potential upcoming product for the Sword & Shield series. Named the ‘Pokémon TCG: Holiday Calendar’, the new festive product appears to be “an advent calendar with new TCG items to open each day”. Included amongst the leaked details is a list of the contents, which consists of a mixture of TCG booster packs and assorted non-card surprises, as well as a code to use with the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. Several foil promo cards will also be part of the pack, including a pair of Pokémon V and VMAX cards. Further details on the exact cards included are scarce, although the product description indicates that the fan-favorite Pokémon Pikachu, Lapras, and Delibird will all be making an appearance in some form.

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The Pokémon TCG: Holiday Calendar is reportedly due to be released this September, giving customers plenty of time to get their hands on one before December, and will cost about 50 USD. According to Pokébeach, listings for the product have only been appearing in Europe so far, although this isn’t indicative of a limited release. It is also worth noting it seems the new addition to the collection of winter Pokémon merchandise may be inspired by a similar product from 2008, which included cards with a snowflake mark.

Because there hasn’t been a Pokémon TCG advent calendar for almost 15 years, the leaked Pokémon TCG: Holiday Calendar may not be planned to be an annual product at this time. However, there could be an updated version released next year if the potential upcoming set is popular. Despite this, the Pokémon TCG: Holiday Calendar seems like it will be an excellent addition to any fan’s festive celebrations this year. The leaked details of the TCG product promise an interesting array of fun merchandise to collect, hopefully providing fans with a month full of Pokémon Trading Card Game-themed celebrations.

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Source: Pokébeach

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