Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 Ending Explained: Meet Booster Gold

Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 Ending Explained: Meet Booster Gold

Warning: Spoilers for the Legends of Tomorrow season 7 finale.

Legends of Tomorrow’s season 7 finale not also concluded many storylines but also brought in Booster Gold and left viewers on a major cliffhanger. After a shorter season than the previous one and a break for the Winter Olympics just as things were starting to heat up, Legends of Tomorrow finally concluded its seventh year with an emotional but exciting episode. While the end of episode 12 indicated that the Legends would finally return to a more normal life, that’s not what happened in the season finale.

The thrilling finale comes at a time of uncertainty for Legends of Tomorrow. Should a season 8 of Legends of Tomorrow happen, the show will have a lot of plotlines to go back to. If it is canceled, then the show’s ending could leave viewers with more questions than answers.


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The chance to save the love of his life prompted Matt Ryan’s Dr. Gwyn Davies to come up with the idea of using Gideon’s robotic version of Alun to forge his death, starting what would be a major problem for the Legends. Continuing with the theme of the Legends either trying to prevent anomalies or causing them, the season 7 finale of Legends of Tomorrow saw the heroes having to deal with the wrath of evil Gideon’s human form, who looks exactly like good Gideon’s human form, and the mysterious team fixer Mike. As nothing is what it seems in Legends, the heroes were unknowingly walking into a big trap.

What Happened to Evil Gideon?

What Happened Evil Gideon Season 7 Finale Legends of Tomorrow

After being a thorn in the Legends’ side for much of the season, the evil and for a brief time kind of human version of Gideon seems to have finally met her end. After being able to download her AI into a human body just as her other part had done, Gideon was close to completing her quest against the Legends. Her good version, however, managed to come up with a clever way to seemly end evil Gideon once and for all. The good Gideon, which some may forget was created by The Flash before showing up on Legends of Tomorrow, destroyed the cloaking system for the ship, which was parked right in the middle of a World War I battlefield, and risked creating a massive temporal anomaly. Ironically, evil Gideon ended up getting a taste of her own medicine: the character had to guide the ship and thus herself to destruction so that the temporal anomaly wouldn’t be created.

It’s possible to see that the evil Gideon’s body was disintegrated in the process, and the same could have happened to Spooner and Astra if it weren’t for the latter’s powers. Even though evil Gideon’s body was destroyed, there’s no guarantee that the AI couldn’t have uploaded itself somewhere somehow. Even so, evil Gideon’s arc seems to be over for now, as Legends will have a much bigger problem going forward.

Is Sara Pregnant? Will Sara And Ava Have A Daughter?

Is Sara Pregnant Will Sara And Ava Have A Daughter Legends of Tomorrow

Episode 12 of Legends of Tomorrow, which explained a big Arrowverse Canary mystery, had strongly indicated that Sara and Ava would have a daughter. The message from the future showed a little girl saying how much she was enjoying archery – a clear call-back to Sara’s original role on Arrow – and then saying goodbye to her mom and mama. The season finale of Legends of Tomorrow confirmed that the girl is indeed the daughter of Sara and Ava, but in a much more creative way than viewers could have imagined. Rather than having to resort to an artificial insemination process as Ava was planning, the most famous couple of Legends of Tomorrow will have a daughter conceived by both Sara and Ava. As Sara discovered, her species allows her to get pregnant simply by kissing someone with whom she wants to have a child. After being recast following Arrow’s pilot, Sara Lance has come a long way. While Sara and Ava understandably freaked out at discovering their pregnancy, the news couldn’t be better and sets up a beautiful arc for season 8 of Legends of Tomorrow.

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Why Did Sara Lose Her powers?

Sara’s pregnancy is already taking its toll. In the same way that nutrients acquired through a mother’s diet are transferred to the baby, Sara’s powers are being passed on to her daughter. Once nearly invulnerable thanks to her Kriblix side, Sara can now be injured simply by trying to open a bottle of champagne. In addition to all the struggles that come with pregnancy, Sara will now have to go back to learning how to get by without her powers. Given the character’s history, that probably won’t be too difficult.

Who Is Booster Gold? DC Comics Origin & Powers Explained

Booster Gold Legends of Tomorrow Blue Beetle DCEU movie

The highlight of Legends of the Tomorrow’s season 7 finale was the reveal of DC’s time-traveler and multiversal hero Booster Gold. Although the character showing up on the show was already expected given the casting announcement that The CW had done for the actor, the build-up to Mike saying he was Booster Gold made for an exciting reveal. Created in 1986 to star in the comic of the same name, Booster Gold quickly became one of DC Comics’ most important time travel characters.

Initially based in the 25th century, Michael Jon Carter found in the 20th/21st century a chance to make money and fame using technology from the future. Aware of the superhero mania that ruled the world centuries before his birth, Mike came up with the Booster Gold persona as a way to become a hero with the same levels of recognition as DC icons such as Batman and Superman. Although Booster Gold did join the Justice League, he ended up perceived as a joke both by his fellow superheroes and the public. Behind all the playful side, however, Booster Gold often hides that he carries with him some of the heaviest burdens in the DC universe. It was predicted that Booster Gold would save the space-time continuum several times later in the timeline, something that meant that the character had to keep an eye out for any temporal anomalies and was always available to intervene when needed.

Although Booster Gold has no superpowers, his futuristic technology grants him abilities worthy of a member of the Justice League. He can fly, create energy shields, blast energy from his hands, has x-ray vision and super strength. Booster Gold can also always count on Skeet, his robot friend who is always willing to help – and, in original DC Comics, Blue Beetle Ted Kord also lends a hand as his other best friend.

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Why Nate Is Leaving Legends of Tomorrow

Nick Zano as Nate Heywood in Legends of Tomorrow.

As with every character’s departure from a show, there is always an in-universe reason and a behind-the-scenes reason. For the latter, actor Nick Zano revealed that he wants to spend more time with his family and that he was grateful to have fulfilled his contract. Nate had been a part of Legends of Tomorrow since season 2, became a superhero after meeting his grandfather, Justice Society’s Commander Steel.

As for the in-universe reason, Nate ended up losing his powers at the end of season 7 of Legends of Tomorrow. Nate was hit by an explosion of mustard gas while trying to save Alun and had to use all his “steel” to keep his skin from being burned. Already tired of the superhero life that his grandfather lived for so long in Legends of Tomorrow’s Justice Society and now without his powers, Nate decided to leave the Waverider.

How The Legends’ Arrest Sets Up Season 8

Legends of Tomorrow arrest season 7 ending season 8 events

With Gideon’s situation seemingly resolved, it would seem that Legends could finally get back to their lives. But it won’t be that easy if depends on Booster Gold and the Time Masters. While it’s unclear whether Mike himself told on the Legends or if the Time Masters intercepted the Waverider, the fact remains that both Booster Gold and the Legends are under arrest for their time crimes. The heroes will now have to prove they didn’t want to mess up the timeline, and the thesis that altering a fixed point in time through a self-sustaining paradox doesn’t create other problems may be their only defense.

Is This Really The End Of Legends Of Tomorrow?

Everything we know about DC Legends of tomorrow season 8

During this same time in other years, both Legends of Tomorrow and other shows in the Arrowverse already knew whether they would return for another season. Now, however, it has yet to be announced whether Legends of Tomorrow will be renewed for season 8. The cliffhanger at the end of season 7 proves that, if it depends on the showrunners, this shouldn’t be the end of Legends of Tomorrow – although it remains to be seen whether the CW will share that same opinion.

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