Let’s Do Some Wild Speculation on Arc 3.0 Keywords in Destiny 2

Let's Do Some Wild Speculation on Arc 3.0 Keywords in Destiny 2

We’ve gotten 3.0 updates to Solar and Void subclasses in Destiny 2, and that only leaves Arc left. What does the future hold for Stormcallers, Arcstriders, and Strikers? Arc subclasses have been kind of languishing for some time now, so I’m excited to see what updates to them bring. Having done an all-Arc run of Vow of the Disciple last night, things are kind of underwhelming right now. (Unless you’re a Titan, that is.) Here are some possibilities as I see them for Arc 3.0 keywords.

Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 Keywords Possibilities

Just like Void and Solar, Arc is going to be standardized in Destiny 2 through the application of various keywords — buffs and debuffs that Guardians can apply. Based on the Void and Solar keywords and the current state of Arc, here’s what I imagine the Arc 3.0 keywords might be.

Haste — Increases mobility and sprint speed. Fits the Arc power fantasy and is already a part of two class kits — Warlocks have Pulsewave and Hunters have Focused Breathing.
Surge — Increases ability recharge rate. Abilities like the Hunter Combat Meditation and the Warlock Rising Storm melee already do this anyway.
Amped — Increases melee range, speed, and damage. Think abilities like the Titan Code of the Juggernaut Knockout, or the Hunter’s Deadly Reach. I suspect that most Arc melee abilities will be, well, melee abilities. We might have a couple of ranged lightning bursts, but I imagine that zig-zagging between foes will be a viable tactic.

Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 KeywordsWhile you’re at it, Bungie, restore Chaos Reach to its original, blinding state

Chain — Damaging enemies with abilities or weapons with this keyword chains lightning between them. Gives Arc some crowd control, and is different enough from Volatile and Scorch in that it doesn’t require defeating foes or hitting a certain number of stacks to trigger a blast.
Deflect — While active, you deflect projectiles. This one might be a little out-there, but I think it would make Arc 3.0 stand apart. Hunters have access to this kind of ability with Whirlwind Guard and Titans have an Exotic that does something similar (Anteus Wards). This would have to be controlled pretty carefully and I imagine would mainly be the domain of Hunters. But hey, if everyone can get Devour, then why not?
Shock — Enemies are stunned in place temporarily. Not necessarily drawing on any existing abilities here (unless you count the Titan’s Flashbang Grenade), but I wanted to come up with another debuff and the visual language of stunning enemies with lightning is well-established in games. Obviously would have to be a very particular kind of effect so as not to step on Stasis’s toes, so I imagine this would be closer to the effect of Blinding or Concussion grenades.

What do you think? Have any ideas on what Arc 3.0 might look like? Let me know in the comments.

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Author: Deann Hawkins