Leviathan Update Brings Space Whales and Roguelike Elements to No Man’s Sky

Leviathan Update Brings Space Whales and Roguelike Elements to No Man's Sky

Have you been playing No Man’s Sky and while vibing through Hello Games’ open universe playground thought “I really would like some space monstrosity that looks pretty close to Final Fantasy X’s Sin to pass by my spaceship?” Well, wish no more, because No Man’s Sky has motherfuckin’ space whales now, thanks to its new “Leviathan” update.

The new patch is available today, and along with the horrifying whale monstrosities, brings a wealth of new content and fixes to No Man’s Sky. This includes a new expedition, community goals, and narrative content. The Leviathan expedition also comes with a new twist: a time loop. This gives the game a roguelike element, as each death will result in a complete reset of the loop. The synopsis for the expedition reads as follows:

“As players seek a way to unbind the time-loop curse, they will find a story-driven adventure at the heart of the expedition.

Follow the trail of your previous iterations, absorb memories, investigate significant sites, and work together to escape from the curse of the loop.

Shattered memories all point towards an encounter with an ancient space creature, The Leviathan – but will Travelers succeed in reshaping history, or are they doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past?”

Check out the trailer for the Leviathan update below:

In other news:

With each update, Hello Games is bringing a slew of new content and ways to play No Man’s Sky, all for the enticing price of free. Just a month ago, the studio released an extensive update that let players become space criminals doing space crimes. But will anything top when they put the Normandy in there?

Author: Deann Hawkins