Lost Ark Harmony Island Guide – Spawn Schedule, Song of Heavenly Harmony

Lost Ark Harmony Island Guide – Spawn Schedule, Song of Heavenly Harmony

Harmony Island is one of the most colorful and flowery places in Lost Ark, but not every player is a fan. Perhaps it has something to do with the limited Island Token drop rates? Or the less-than-ideal admission schedule? If you want to be prepared for the three co-op quests, the required songs, and all the hidden Mokoko Seed locations, here’s our Harmony Island guide.

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Harmony Island Schedule and Location

Harmony Island is located right next to Rohendel on the west side of the map. Don’t click on the ocean square further to the east; you really need that little bit of sea just northeast of Rohendel to be able to see the island.

One thing is incredibly important to know before setting sail: Harmony Island is an Adventure Island, which means it only opens at certain times on specific days. Here’s an overview of the schedule and other restrictions:

At the time of writing, Harmony Island usually spawns on weekend days and occasionally on a Monday or Tuesday. The admission schedule is a combination of the following times (sometimes all, sometimes only daytime/evening): 11AM, 1PM, 3PM, 7PM, 9PM, 11PM.
Before setting sail, always check the admission schedule in Procyon’s Compass for the current Harmony Island spawn times.
Another important thing to know before making the trip: to complete the third co-op quest on Harmony Island, you need the Serenade of Love song. This song is found on the island called Liebeheim, north of Luterra.

How to Unlock Harmony Island

The recommended item level for Harmony Island is 250, but you actually need a gear score of at least 460 in order to cross the Wall of Procyon. Besides the item level, you also need to pick up a new quest from Queen Ealyn in Vern Castle and upgrade your ship to level 2 or higher. After that, you’re free to visit Harmony Island whenever it’s open. Try to avoid the hazardous waters if you don’t want to sink on the way there!

Get the Harmony Island Token

To trigger the co-op quest on Harmony Island, talk to the NPC called the “Gardener” and do the Heavenly Harmony side quest. After that, you need to partake in the following co-op activities:

A Pure Sound: Pick up the Sacred Spring Water and bring it to the flower. This challenge starts in the northwestern corner of the island.
A Fragrant Sound: Go to the northeast and gather Fragrant Pollens. They will spawn all around this part of the island.
Harmony? Help!: You need to play the Serenade of Love. This final challenge is located on the east side of the island.

Try to participate at least once during each of these quests (so play at least one Serenade, deliver at least one Sacred Spring Water, etc.). Otherwise, you don’t get a chest.

Harmony Island Rewards

Here’s what to expect from Harmony Island:

Vitality Increase Potion
Song of Heavenly Harmony
Harmony Island Token

The Vitality Increase Potion is a normal quest reward, but the other three are co-op challenge drops. Every co-op challenge on Harmony Island awards a single chest: the Chest of Aromatic Sound, Clear Sound, or Sparkling Sound. Despite the difference in name, they all have the same chance to drop an Island Token or a Song.

In theory, it’s possible to get all these rewards on the first try, but you’d have to be very, very lucky.

Harmony Island Mokoko Seed Locations

We’ve waited for our admission slot, so we can’t leave without collecting Mokoko Seeds, right? One is found in the grass to the east and the other two are behind a blocked passage in the northwest.

You have to sing the Forest Minuet song to destroy the barrier, but if you don’t have it, there are usually plenty of other players who do. If you’d like to get it for yourself however, here’s a guide on how to obtain Forest Minuet on Lullaby Island.

How is your RNG luck? Did you manage to obtain the Harmony Island Token and Song of Heavenly Harmony on your first visit? Let us know in the comments!

Author: Deann Hawkins