Lost Ark: Striker Build Guide

Lost Ark: Striker Build Guide

The Striker is an advanced class of the Martial Artist in Lost Ark, and he uses fast movements and melee attacks to quickly deal damage.

The Martial Artist class has four advanced classes in Lost Ark, including the Striker. Martial Artists are close-range melee attackers that combine elemental skills with quick movements to deal damage to their enemies. The Striker class uses punches, kicks, and aerial combos as well as element-based skills like Lightning Whisper. Building a powerful Striker will likely require players to respec their character after reaching the endgame content. Luckily, Lost Ark allows players to respec their character at any time from the Combat Skills menu.

There are a few skills players should focus on when building a high-quality Striker class character in Lost Ark. Players should put skill points into Lightning Whisper, Esoteric Skill: Lightning Strike, Sweeping Kick, Swift Wind Kick, and Sky Shattering Blow. Additional skills to unlock and increase include Moon Flash Kick, Storm Dragon Awakening, and Phoenix Advent. Some of the more powerful skills won’t be available until players progress and level up their character, so one or multiple respecs will likely be necessary.


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The Striker class, like other classes in Lost Ark, has two Awakening skills. Explosive Heat Awakening and True Heavenly Awakening are the available skills for the Striker class. Explosive Heat Awakening will advance the character four meters forward striking four times for 111 damage each time. However, if the first strike misses, the other hits will be canceled. True Heavenly Awakening will throw enemies into the air and allow the Striker to kick twice dealing 111 damage each time in a wide area of effect. Although the True Heavenly Awakening skill in Lost Ark hits fewer times than Explosive Heat Awakening, it affects a larger area and guarantees two strikes.

Striker Class Engravings and Weapons in Lost Ark

Lost Ark Striker Build Guide Striker Lightning Attack

There are two class-specific engravings that players can use for the Striker Class. Esoteric Flurry reduces Esoteric skill damage by 15%, but will only use one Elemental Orb. Deathblow adds one additional Elemental Orb and Esoteric skills will use all available orbs dealing 17% damage for each orb consumed. Deathblow is generally considered the best engraving for a high-damage Striker, but players can also use Master of Ambush which increases back attack damage, or Keen Blunt Weapon which increases critical damage.

The Striker class uses Light Gauntlets which can be crafted or looted in Lost Ark depending on which set of gauntlets players want to use. Warm Evening Gauntlets, Sunset Gauntlets, and Dazzling Twilight Gauntlets are Tier 3 weapons that add 16,294 Weapon Power, increase damage by 5% to 15%, and decide two random Skill Tree effects. Each of these weapons also has set bonuses that activate with two and five pieces of the set equipped.

If players use a Light Gauntlet weapon that’s part of a set, they should obtain the matching armor to increase their bonuses. After getting to the endgame content, players can use Gear Honing to upgrade their weapons further. Weapons and armor level up separately from the character, and after a certain point, the level can only be increased by Gear Honing. Using the Gear Honing system will be important for increasing damage after reaching the max level traditionally. With the right skills, engravings, and weapons, in Lost Ark players can build a powerful Striker character.

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Lost Ark is available for PC.

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