Mahogany Shows New Look After Weight Loss For Brunch

Mahogany Shows New Look After Weight Loss For Brunch

90 Day Fiancé cast member Mahogany Roca has been showing off her weight loss via photos on Instagram. Why are fans still mocking Ben Rathbun’s GF?

Former 90 Day Fiancé star Mahogany Roca showed off her weight loss in a stylish brunch outfit on Instagram. Peruvian beauty Mahogany has been one of the most unique cast members so far in the TLC show. Mahogany wasn’t introduced in the 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days season 5 trailer, which showed only her many photos with filters. Even though Mahogany was on social media, fans wondered if she was a real or a catfish who was scamming Ben Rathbun. Her ghosting Ben at the Peru airport was a major hint at Mahogany being fake. But it was during episode 10 that both Ben and fans finally met Mahogany in person.


Even then, there were theories about how this wasn’t Mahogany but a 90 Day Fiancé producer plant who was roped in to continue a fake storyline. A few fans believed the Mahogany Ben chatted with had not shown up, so a woman from the U.S. was flown in to act the part of Mahogany with him. It didn’t help that Mahogany’s Peruvian accent somehow felt artificial to them. Mahogany, also awkward in front of the camera, kept being unnecessarily dramatic and repeating the phrase “Oh my gosh,” which made the situation even worse. But the biggest reason why fans felt Mahogany was fake was that she didn’t look anything like the woman in her Instagram and Facebook photos.

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However, now that the 90 Day Fiancé season is over, Mahogany has started to look like the real deal to everyone. Fans have made peace with the fact that Mahogany is a 22-year-old from San Bartolo who was in a relationship with Ben, a 52-year-old man from Michigan. But Mahogany’s recent Instagram post about her going for Saturday brunch has again made her followers scratch their heads in disbelief. The law student is looking very different from what she looked like on TLC, but it’s not just because of Mahogany’s weight loss. Fans think Mahogany’s face and hair in the photo are also very new to them. Besides, this Mahogany is sassily showing off her new look while Ben claimed she was too shy to even do a video call.

Reddit user u/secretlyhidden92 shared a screenshot of Mahogany’s Instagram post in a thread while asking, “Mahogany you sure that’s you?!” One of the top comments on it is from TLC viewer u/ninasarafina who’s said, “she’s beauty she’s grace shorty always got a different face.” A couple of fans noticed Mahogany’s caption for the picture that it was never her idea to use a translator. “But from someone else yes,” Mahogany added, which has been a common theme in her recent posts. According to Mahogany, “someone” asked her to not go meet Ben at the airport when he arrived in Peru. The person apparently requested Mahogany one nine before Ben’s arrival.

Whether it is with the multiple filters on her photos or with her Instagram posts, Mahogany is creating a lot of “confuso” for 90 Day Fiancé fans. Her relationship status on Facebook says that Mahogany is single, which hints at her and Ben’s breakup. Mahogany was also seen speaking in fluent English in one of her videos promoting Cameo, which is also strange since Ben had claimed she didn’t know the language. Now, with her sudden weight loss, Mahogany has become all the more unrecognizable to TLC viewers. But Mahogany’s admirers are many and they sure don’t mind seeing more of her, whether her photos are filtered or unfiltered.

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