Marvel Adds To Phase 4’s Avengers Tower Mystery: Is An Answer Coming?

Marvel Adds To Phase 4's Avengers Tower Mystery: Is An Answer Coming?

Marvel continues to build the mystery of who bought Avengers Tower during Phase 4, as Ms. Marvel adds to the mystery. Will an answer ever come?

What happened to Avengers Tower is one of Phase 4’s biggest mysteries, and Ms. Marvel is the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe property to avoid answering the question. Avengers Tower has become a major topic of speculation over the last few years. The MCU previously revealed that Tony Stark sold the Avengers’ original base to a new owner, but there has yet to be any hints as to who is now operating out of the former Avengers Tower. It seems like a mystery that Marvel Studios is going to continue building throughout Phase 4 based on the latest tease—or rather, lack thereof.

Speculation about what would become of Avengers Tower started in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Tony Stark sold the iconic MCU location to an unknown person or business after the Avengers moved their base to Upstate New York. Spider-Man: Far From Home’s ending teases the redesign that took place after the sale but failed to unveil anything about the owner. Since Spider-Man: No Way Home also didn’t address it, the new owner and title of Avengers Tower has become a massive mystery. Marvel seems poised to continue building the intrigue throughout Phase 4, as Hawkeye refused to show the building throughout its New York setting.


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Due to the build-up and immense speculation about Avengers Tower, fans are eager to figure out what became of the building. This means that any shot of New York City is going to be picked apart for possible details about it. Now that the first Ms. Marvel trailer has arrived, it is happening all over again. Multiple shots show the New York City skyline in the background, but there is no view of what is formerly known as Avengers Tower. This follows Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ trailer also omitting a look at the MCU location. As Ms. Marvel now might also hold out revealing new information, the questions about whether or not Marvel will ever reveal an answer will only grow louder.

Ms Marvel Trailer Breakdown Avengers Tower

As the secrecy points to the significance of Avengers Tower’s new owner, theories have largely honed in on a few main options. Norman Osborn and Oscorp emerged as an early favorite, but Spider-Man: No Way Home indicates that Norman’s corporation doesn’t exist in the MCU’s primary universe. More recent speculation points to Kingpin turning Avengers Tower into Fisk Tower, which could signify his power in the MCU. There were also theories that Dario Agger and Roxxon could have bought it, but they don’t appear to be part of the immediate MCU future. This essentially leaves the Fantastic Four as the prevailing theory for who bought Avengers Tower, which would also explain the secrecy.

Even if Ms. Marvel doesn’t reveal anything about Avengers Tower, an answer has to come at some point. Whether it was Wilson Fisk, the Fantastic Four, or someone else entirely, Marvel can’t keep this secret forever. While this could be a case of fan speculation spinning out of control and Marvel having no major plans for Avengers Tower beyond selling the building years ago, people involved with the MCU have indicated they know what happened to it. Marvel has to provide an answer in the near future then. After all, fans have been waiting for this answer just as long as it took Marvel to pay off The Avengers’ tease of Thanos fighting Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Now they’ll just have to hope the Avengers Tower mystery payoff was worth the wait.

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