Marvel’s Hulk-Wolverine Fixed Bruce Banner’s Transformation Problem

Marvel's Hulk-Wolverine Fixed Bruce Banner's Transformation Problem

Marvel’s Hulkverine figured out Bruce Banner’s transformation powers as Weapon H was able to do what the Jade Giant could not.

Marvel’s Hulk-Wolverine hybrid hero Weapon H has solved Bruce Banner’s transformation problem, as the combination character can easily switch between his different forms. After being trapped in a deadly situation, Clayton Cortez broke free from chains by changing from his Hulk form to his human form, showing that, unlike Banner, he could control his transformations when needed. Ultimately, it’s another power that Weapon H has that the Hulk didn’t.

Marvel’s Weapon H is the product of several different heroes’ DNA, most notably Amadeus Cho’s Hulk and Old Man Logan’s Wolverine. As such, his monstrous form has both the Hulk’s strength and Logan’s claws. However, his powers work quite differently from those heroes he’s made up of. For example, his body is infused with nanotech that makes sure his body doesn’t rip apart from the adamantium coating his bones. At the same time, his powers had problems Wolverine’s didn’t, including accidentally popping his claws when he sneezed. But, one of Weapon H’s advantages over the Hulk was his transformation ability.


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In Weapon H #8 by Greg Pak, Guiu Vilanova, Morry Hollowell, and VC’s Joe Caramagna from Marvel Comics, the Wolverine-Hulk hybrid hero found himself alongside a strange cast of Marvel heroes, including Titania and Korg, in Weirdworld. After getting captured and tied up by an alien race called Inaku looking to get revenge on Roxxon, the heroes find themselves tied up and facing death. However, Weapon H transforms back into his human form, allowing him to escape from the chains. When he lands, he attacks his captures, immediately returning to his deadlier Hulk-like appearance.

Weapon H could do what Bruce Banner couldn’t as he controlled his transformations, easily switching between his Hulk-Wolverine form from his human form. Unfortunately, while the Hulk has occasionally shown the ability to switch from Bruce Banner to the Jade Giant, he’s long been plagued with his lack of control. As a result, the hero has Hulked-out when he didn’t mean to or lost control. Meanwhile, Weapon H can interchangeably go from human to monster and back, with little issues.

Weapon H remains one of the most interesting hybrid heroes in the Marvel Universe, mainly due to his powers consistently evolving. However, with the combined DNA of several powerful Marvel Comics characters, Weapon H is almost a cheat code when it comes to adapting his powers when needed. In this case, the Hulk-Wolverine combination hero can do what Bruce Banner couldn’t and transform between his human and monstrous forms when required. Perhaps, the Avenger should study why that’s the case and learn from Weapon H to see if he can replicate his powers.

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