Mary Lies About Georgie’s Situation

Mary Lies About Georgie’s Situation

A new Young Sheldon season 5, episode 20 promo clip reveals Mary lying to Pastor Jeff about what’s really going on with Georgie and Mandy.

A new Young Sheldon season 5, episode 20 clip reveals Mary (Zoe Perry) lying about what’s going on with Georgie (Montana Jordan). The Coopers have come to terms with the fact that their eldest child is a young expecting father after he accidentally got Mandy (Emily Osment) pregnant. Now, Young Sheldon further delves into how the family lives with this massive development, starting with Mary’s attempt to lie about it at church.

There are only a handful of episodes left for Young Sheldon season 5 and it’s safe to say that the remaining outings for the show will continue to tackle Georgie’s story. While the Coopers have officially met Mandy, there are still a lot of questions to answer with regard to how they are going to move forward regarding her pregnancy. Mary wants Georgie and Mandy to get married — a decision that’s opposed by George (Lance Barber), her potential daughter-in-law. Mandy hasn’t even told her parents yet about the pregnancy, so understandably, she’s not yet ready to make such big decisions. But that doesn’t stop Mary from trying to resolve the problem.


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In a new Young Sheldon season 5 clip for the upcoming episode, titled “Uncle Sheldon and a Hormonal Firecracker,” Mary seeks out Pastor Jeff (Matt Hobby) for some advice. But instead of coming clean about the matter, she decides to lie about what’s really going on, claiming that Georgie and Mandy’s situation isn’t about her family. Unfortunately for her, unless she’s able to force the couple to get married, her reputation as a devout Christian is about to get ruined. Watch the clip below:

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The recent news that Osment has been promoted to series regular in Young Sheldon season 6 is an indication that this plotline will not be resolved soon. Instead, it will continue to play out simultaneously with other storylines, including George’s nearing cheating scandal. Thanks to an official announcement, the Young Sheldon season 5 finale is confirmed to see both Cooper parents trying to find new jobs, presumably after they’re both fired from their respective employments. Since Mary is working at her church, it’s curious if her decision to lie about Georgie’s situation factors into her getting booted from her job. She clearly deceived Pastor Jeff in their conversation as seen in the video above, which could be grounds for firing.

Ever since Mary learned about Mandy’s pregnancy in Young Sheldon, she has been approaching the situation all wrong. Instead of thinking about what’s best for Georgie, Mandy, and the baby, she has been more worried about how this issue can affect her image at church. This has understandably irked George, and it isn’t out of the realm of possibility that it might push him farther away from her. After all, the idea of a shotgun marriage is forcing George to revisit the time when he, too, was forced to marry Mary when she got pregnant almost two decades earlier.

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