Matthew McConaughey Reveals Whether He Would Return For Magic Mike 3

Matthew McConaughey Reveals Whether He Would Return For Magic Mike 3

Matthew McConaughey says that he’s not opposed to appearing in the highly-anticipated upcoming movie Magic Mike 3, reprising his role as Dallas.

Matthew McConaughey says that he’s not opposed to appearing in the highly-anticipated upcoming movie Magic Mike 3. The Texas-born actor appeared in the original Magic Mike in 2012, earning rave reviews for his performance along with the film itself. But while many members of the original cast, including lead Channing Tatum, appeared in the subsequent 2015 sequel Magic Mike XXL, McConaughy did not reprising his role as Dallas.

Loosely inspired by Tatum’s own pre-acting experience as a stripper in Tampa, Florida, Magic Mike didn’t just feature flashy dance scenes with muscled, scantily-clad strippers played by a star-studded cast. Underneath its raunchy surface the film also featured a snappy, smart script and an endearing story about the vulnerability of young adulthood. McConaughey appeared in Magic Mike as the former stripper Dallas, who owns the strip club Xquisite where Mike works. The character iconically dons only tight jeans, a vest, and a cowboy hat as he works the screaming crowd between sets.


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This week, however, McConaughy offered a small ray of hope to fans who long to see him resurrect his role as the dancing cowboy in Magic Mike 3. In an interview with Variety, the actor approached the subject of Magic Mike 3 and his possible appearance in the movie with seeming interest. McConaughey recalled the fun of making the first Magic Mike, and while he admitted that he’d have to read a script before committing, his jesting words to Tatum in the interview suggest an enthusiasm that fans will certainly cling to until a more official announcement arrives: “Channing Tatum, call me, bro! I haven’t heard from ya!”

The fondly-referred-to Tatum, of course, plays the legendary Magic Mike himself, and much to fans of the franchise’s delight, the actor announced back in November 2021 that director Steven Soderbergh would be returning to helm Magic Mike 3, officially titled Magic Mike’s Last Dance. The movie will appear exclusively on HBO Max and features a screenplay by Reid Carolin, who wrote the scripts for the first two films. A release date for Magic Mike 3 has yet to be announced.

The Magic Mike franchise has enjoyed immense success, with the first two films grossing nearly $300 million worldwide, and the original Magic Mike remaining the top-grossing dance genre film of all time. The popularity of the franchise even prompted the development of a live stage show which premiered in London in 2018, as well as a reality dance competition show premiering on HBO in December 2021. McConaughey’s extensive filmography features an impressive range of characters, but despite the relatively small part he plays in the movie, his role in Magic Mike remains one of the most recognizable of his recent career. Such an impact showcases not only his remarkable presence as an actor but also the lingering legacy of Magic Mike even a decade after its release, suggesting that Magic Mike 3 will enjoy similar success — and even more so if it features McConaughey.

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