Maya Vander Reveals Miscarriage After Stillbirth

Maya Vander Reveals Miscarriage After Stillbirth

Selling Sunset’s Maya Vander reveals she had a miscarriage after a 10-week pregnancy, but thanks her husband and kids for being blessings to her.

Reality TV and Selling Sunset star Maya Vander has revealed she suffered a miscarriage six months after delivering her stillborn son. Maya has been going through some harrowing motherhood experiences lately. The real estate agent, who shares son Aiden, 2, and daughter, Elle, 1, with her husband, David Miller, was ready for a third child in the middle of 2021 last year. She revealed via social media in July 2021 that she was pregnant. The reality star even shared a photo of her baby bump at the time and said the baby would be her family’s Christmas present.

Sadly, Maya and her husband did not receive their anticipated present, as the TV personality suffered a stillbirth five months later. After the unfortunate event, the devastated mom shared a photo on social media of the memory box she took home from the hospital. She revealed in December 2021 that she had gone for her regular weekly checkup, and things took a sad turn when the Selling Sunset star’s doctors discovered the irregularity of her pregnancy. Following the unexpected event, Maya noted that her child, who would have been named Mason, would always live in her heart.


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Despite all that Maya had already gone through in her quest to have a third child, she had yet another heartbreaking experience. Unfortunately, the mom-of-two suffered a miscarriage six months after delivering her stillbirth. She shared the news of her miscarriage via a post on her Instagram Stories on June 21. Maya accompanied her post with a photo of her 3-year-old son, Aiden, who was asleep. The Netflix personality captioned the adorable image, “I had a very crazy week. Miscarriage after 10 weeks…following my stillbirth…but my kids and my husband are absolutely my blessing and I am so lucky to be their mother!”

Popular Selling Sunset cast member Maya thanked her husband and her kids for their support amid the series of heart-wrenching events. She also advised her fans to “hug and love the people [they] care about.” Maya concluded the post by telling people not to take things for granted. News of Maya’s miscarriage comes after she recently detailed her healing process in the aftermath of her stillbirth. In the update, she explained that staying busy was the key to keeping her mental health in check. While sharing her healing experience, Maya also urged women going through the pain of loss to work on healing and moving forward.

Maya and her family have been through many trying times since her stillbirth. It is quite sad that Maya suffered another loss shortly after sharing how hard it was to get over her child’s loss. On the bright side, Selling Sunset star Maya has the full support of her husband and children, who keep giving her joy and happiness amid the sad experiences. Hopefully, Maya’s family will help the TV personality overcome these painful losses.

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Source: Maya Vander/Instagram

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