Monsters Inc Meets DOOM In Hilariously Demonic Meme

Monsters Inc Meets DOOM In Hilariously Demonic Meme

A hilarious meme compares DOOM and Monsters Inc character designs, demonstrating some disturbing similarities between the two contrasting properties.

An infernal DOOM meme demonstrates unsettling similarities between the series’ demons and characters from Monsters Inc. id Software’s first-person shooter series sees players become the Doom Slayer, an unstoppable warrior who rips and tears through hordes of vicious demons. However, the series has seen crossovers with less intense properties, with a Doom Eternal and Fall Guys crossover letting Doomguy jump around cheerful and colorful landscapes.

First released in 1993, DOOM is widely considered to be the first true first-person shooter. Tasking players with fighting through various demons using a large arsenal of weapons, the game solidified the FPS genre through innovative features like three-dimensional environments and networked multiplayer. This popularity has followed the series into the modern day, with id Software’s newest project Doom Eternal having launched in 2020. Over the years the franchise’s lineup of deadly demons has expanded to include iconic enemies like the one-eyed Cacodemon, the massive Mancubus and the infamously infuriating Marauder. Fan-made crossovers, like a recently-revealed Doom-inspired Elden Ring poster, help to demonstrate the everlasting influence of DOOM.


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A hilarious DOOM mod, created by Reddit user theomegod, compares the series’ horrifying demons to cartoonish characters from Monsters Inc. While the two properties are completely different in terms of tone, there are a shocking number of similarities between each title’s monster designs. Mike Wazowski closely resembles the round one-eyed Cacodemon, and his buddy James P. Sullivan bears a striking resemblance to the hairy horned Gladiator. The serpentine Randall is similar to the Whiplash, and the arachnid Waternoose looks like the technological Spider Mastermind. An apt comparison between Raz and the massive Mancubus rounds out the amazing meme, which frames the comparison as “actors ruined by drugs.”

While memes are an excellent source of comedic crossover, fan projects like a Spongebob Squarepants mod for DOOM push the interactive envelope much further. The bizarre mod, titled The Bikini Bottom Massacre, follows aloof octopod Squidward Tentacles after being fired from his customer service position at the Krusty Krab. As Squidward, players embark on a rampage of revenge throughout Bikini Bottom in traditional DOOM style. Unique weapons are available, like bubbles and a spatula, and enemies include jellyfish and various underwater denizens.

Despite the obvious differences between the two franchises, there are a surprising number of similarities between character designs in DOOM and Monsters Inc. However, the creatures fought in id Software’s first-person shooter series look like horrifically corrupted versions of the characters in Pixar’s beloved animated film. While DOOM demons may be terrifying, Monsters Inc fans know that laughs are even more powerful than screams.

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Source: theomegod/Reddit

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