Most Popular Leading Ladies, Ranked By Instagram Followers

Most Popular Leading Ladies, Ranked By Instagram Followers

ABC’s The Bachelorette has a history of taking a relatively unknown person and turning them into an overnight sensation. Many of the women that have held the title of the bachelorette have gone on to use their new status to create careers for themselves. Some of them have launched their successful businesses while others have started youtube channels or podcasts.

Regardless of which direction the former bachelorettes have taken their careers in, almost all of them have created Instagram accounts where their fans can keep up with their lives. While most of these women have followings in the thousands, a few of them have over a million followers.

Updated on June 21st, 2022, by Kevin Pantoja: The new season of The Bachelorette is on the horizon and it takes a totally new approach with two leading ladies at the forefront. That will add them to the long list of women who have had men competing for their affection since back in 2003. Thanks to social media, it is easier than ever for fans from Bachelor Nation to keep up with their favorite leading ladies. They can now find out which Bachelorette has the most Instagram followers and the majority of them are impressively popular.


15 Trista Sutter – 359K

Her Instagram profile lists her as the “OG Bachelorette” for a reason as Trista Sutter was indeed the first leading lady in the history of the show. Unlike the majority of Bachelor Nation winners, the couple from way back in 2003 is actually still together, married with children.

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Trista is an icon for the franchise, though her following isn’t quite up to the par with some other ladies. That’s likely due to the fact that the height of her popularity came before things like Instagram were around.

14 Desiree Siegfried – 517K

It’s hard to believe that season 9 of The Bachelorette was already nearly a decade ago. That said, fans have fond memories of Desiree Siegfried’s time on the series and her relationship with Chris Siegfried has proven to be long-lasting.

After Trista and Ryan Sutter in season 1, no winning couple from the show is still together until Desiree and Chris, who were married in 2015. Desiree’s Instagram is filled with pictures of her family, plugs for her podcast, and she even has a separate page for a bridal business.

13 Emily Maynard – 629K

Audiences do appreciate a woman who is a boss and Emily Maynard fits that mold. Although her relationship from the end of her season (8) ended in the same year that it got started, she has gone on to do some notable things, including be a New York Times bestselling author.

Maynard eventually did start a family and they are the focal point of her Instagram profile. She has plenty of photos and videos with her five children and it makes her an adorable page to follow. She was also seen as one of the best Bachelorettes ever.

12 Michelle Young – 774K

The most recent Bachelorette star is Michelle Young. The elementary school teacher was the runner-up on her season of The Bachelor and was an obvious choice to lead her own show given her popularity. She chose Nayte Olukoya but their engagement was broken off a few months later.

Young remains a fantastic follow on Instagram though as she’s quite active. There’s usually a post every couple of weeks, often showing her in a stunning outfit or giving an insight into whatever fun activity she’s up to in her personal life.

11 Katie Thurston – 863K

The always lovable Katie Thurston instantly became a fan favorite on season 25 of The Bachelor. She was outspoken, sex positive, stood up to bullies, and highly entertaining, which all made her the ideal choice to become a Bachelorette.

Thurston’s season was a ton of fun and though she didn’t remain with her chosen winner, those who follow her on Instagram are having a blast. Along with stunning pictures, she shares plenty of videos that really showcase the personality that everyone came to love.

10 Rachel Lindsay – 907K

Rachel Lindsay is known for being the first Black bachelorette. After getting sent home fantasy suites week on Nick Viall’s season, she became the 13th bachelorette of the franchise. Lindsay has continued to be very involved with Bachelor Nation since her season ended in 2018.

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She co-hosts a podcast called Bachelor Happy Hour with former bachelorette Becca Kufrin, where the pair shares their experiences on the show, talk to current cast members and spill all the behind-the-scenes secrets.

9 Ali Fedotowsky – 968K

Ali Fedotowsky was the sixth Bachelorette and continued to work in television up until last year. After her time as the bachelorette, Fedotowsky went on to work as a weekly morning show correspondent for Fox News. She also hosted a weekly lifestyle series for NBC and was a correspondent for E! News before joining the morning talk show Home & Family.

In 2017, Fedotowsky married television personality and radio host Kevin Manno and has had two children with him. Her Instagram is filled with photos of the happy family.

8 Andi Dorfman – 1<

Andi Dorfman became the 10th Bachelorette after she famously walked out on Juan Pablo Galavis’s season. Dorfman is also known for being the first former attorney to be cast as The Bachelorette. Since joining Bachelor Nation, Dorfman has gone on to write two New York Times best-selling books and start her running app called Andorfins which helps users with training plans, nutrition, and more.

Dorfman’s Instagram is filled with shots of her hiking, watching sunsets on the beach, and her adorable niece.

7 Clare Crawley – 1M

Clare Crawley is undeniably one of the most controversial bachelorettes to ever be cast. Crawley was supposed to be the lead of the 16th season of The Bachelorette but she decided to leave the show after filming only the first few episodes because she felt contestant Dale Moss was the one for her.

Crawley is fairly active on her Instagram account. If you follow her, you will see photos of her golden retriever, outfit inspiration, and glimpses into her personal life.

6 Becca Kufrin – 1.3M

Becca Kufrin was also part of a Bachelor Nation scandal of her own. When Kufrin competed for Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s heart on season 22 of The Bachelor, she almost won it. Luyendyk Jr. proposed to Kufrin in the final episode of the series, however, in the following two months, he decided that he had made the wrong choice and broke up with Kufrin.

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Since her split with Luyendyk Jr., Kufrin went on to become the 14th Bachelorette and currently co-hosts the Bachelor Party podcast with Rachel Lindsay.

5 Jillian Harris – 1.3M

Jillian Harris became the first-ever Canadian Bachelorette in season 5 of the series. Since wrapping her season in 2009, Harris continued to appear on television. She hosted HGTV’s Love it Or List it Vancouver as well as the US series Love It Or List It Too. Harris also had her own show, Jillian and Justin, on W Network in Canada.

At the moment, Harris currently has her website,, where she writes about lifestyle, fashion, family, food, and home decor.

4 Tayshia Adams – 1.7M

When Clare Crawley exited the 16th season of The Bachelorette early, fans were excited to see Tayshia Adams take her spot. Adams first joined Bachelor Nation on Colton Underwood’s season back in 2019. Before Adams became the bachelorette she worked as a phlebotomist, as well as an interior designer.

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Since she wrapped her season, Adams has become an influencer who has partnerships with brands such as Ritual, Agency Skincare, and Derma. She frequently posts photos of her glamorous life for her 1.8 million followers.

3 Kaitlyn Bristowe – 2M

Kaitlyn Bristowe was the lead of the eleventh season of The Bachelorette. Since joining Bachelor Nation, Bristowe has managed to use her celebrity to start two very successful businesses. Her first business is a line of hair accessories like clips and headbands, called Dew. Her second business venture is Spade & Sparrows, which is a wine label that she started in June of 2019.

Bristowe is very active on her Instagram account and posts a lot of selfies, beauty looks, outfit inspiration, and behind the scenes of her work. She also won season 29 of Dancing with the Stars.

2 Jojo Fletcher – 2.5M

Jojo Fletcher was the 12th bachelorette of the series and has gone on to become one of the most famous bachelorettes of all time. Before Fletcher joined the franchise, she worked in real-estate. Since then she has launched her successful clothing line called Fletch and hosted her own NBC series, Cash Pad, where she flipped houses with her husband Jordan Rogers.

Fletcher has amassed over 2 million followers on her Instagram account. Her page is filled with photos of her and her husband, as well as other members of Bachelor Nation and her dogs.

1 Hannah Brown – 2.7M

Hannah Brown, the season 15 Bachelorette, currently has 2.6 million Instagram followers. Before she joined the series, she worked in interior design and was a pageant queen. Since joining the franchise, she has started her Youtube channel, which has 187 thousand subscribers, won Dancing With The Stars, and is working towards becoming an author.

Brown’s Instagram feed is infilled with shots of her everyday life, which includes making floral arrangements, skateboarding, and boxing. If you follow her, you are guaranteed to see many members of Bachelor Nation pop up on your feed.

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