Ms. Marvel’s 15 Most Powerful Villains & Enemies

Ms. Marvel's 15 Most Powerful Villains & Enemies

Ms. Marvel headlines her own streaming series on Disney+ and though the villain of the series isn’t apparent from the first episode, there are several enemies that the show can choose from in Marvel Comics. Some of Ms. Marvel’s most powerful villains and enemies in the comics include characters like Discord and Kamran, who are likely to be among the cast of characters in her high school in Jersey City.

Her most powerful enemies may surprise fans unfamiliar with the comics. In her brief time in Marvel Comics (she debuted in 2013) she fought some of the Marvel Universe’s greatest supervillains, like Kang The Conqueror. Ms. Marvel also fought powerful superheroes, like her greatest idol, Captain Marvel. Their conflict in the Civil War II storyline likely hints at conflicts down the road in the MCU.


Updated on June 13th, 2022 by Darby Harn: Ms. Marvel teases the governmental agency of Damage Control as a potential villain in the series. Comic book fans know Damage Control walks the line between benign and villainous, throwing their candidacy as the series’ Big Bad into question. With the MCU seemingly rewriting Ms. Marvel’s origin – the Inhumans and the Terrigen Mists play no role, at least as of yet – the mysterious bracelet Kamala Khan derives her powers from could potentially link her to powerful cosmic or mystical forces in the universe, including possibly some of Ms. Marvel’s most powerful villains. 


Discord fights Ms. Marvel in Marvel Comics.

Ms. Marvel’s larger world in the comics is populated by numerous villains she has a close connection with. Discord stands among the most powerful, wearing a suit of specialized armor that generates a powerful electric charge.

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Ms. Marvel discovers Discord is actually one of the students at her high school, Joshua Richardson. He’s on the football team and appeared in the first issue of her ongoing series in 2014. He’s likely to be part of the larger world in the MCU series, setting up his eventual turn to evil.

The Inventor

The Inventor (Thomas Edison) meeting Ms. Marvel

The Inventor possesses Thomas Edison’s genius in invention and engineering, thanks to being a clone of the 19th-century inventor. While he doesn’t have any superpowers, his technical know-how makes him incredibly dangerous. He also lacks any real ethical core.

The Inventor numbers among the first supervillains Ms. Marvel squared off with in Marvel Comics, in the second arc from the 2014 volume of Ms. Marvel, a storyline from the comics that the upcoming MCU series may adapt based on early looks at the series.


Ms Marvel vs Doc X in a Mario Bros homage.

Doc.X isn’t a file extension but a computer virus that developed artificial intelligence. As a result, Doc.X numbers among the smartest characters in the Marvel Universe, able to acquire information from any source and also transfer their consciousness into human forms.

Doc. X greatly amplifies their strength and durability in human forms, making them very difficult to overcome. In their enhanced form, Doc.X is the physical equal of Ms. Marvel, even with her Inhuman powers.

Becky St. Jude

Police arresting Becky St Jude.

Becky St. Jude wears Plasma Armor, a highly advanced weaponized suit that allows her to fly and also fire energy blasts. The armor also substantially increases her strength and stamina, though she has no natural superpowers.

Becky absorbs some of Kamala’s biggest blows in the suit, making her one of Ms. Marvel’s most powerful villains. Becky also served as an overly ambitious member of the Carol Cadets in the comics, a squad of teenagers Carol Danvers brought together to protect Jersey City. She also later worked for her Uncle Brett, and his unusual start-up company Rubicon.


Monopoly attacks in Marvel Comics.

Monopoly controls minds, making him especially dangerous for Ms. Marvel. Becky’s ‘Uncle Brett’ took control of Kamala and used her own power and strength against others in The Magnificient Ms. Marvel #8. He also shape shifts to some degree.

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Despite the power Monopoly possesses, his ambitions run relatively low. His interests lie in controlling others to take advantage of them for his business schemes. His short-sightedness likely played into Ms. Marvel’s defeating him, as well as her own mental fortitude.


Kaboom attacking Ms Marvel.

Kaboom received his superpowers from the Terrigen Mists, just like Ms. Marvel did, and as a result, could arguably rank among the most powerful Inhumans in Marvel Comics. Kaboom generates and manipulates electricity through electrokinesis.

His powers work much the same as Electro’s do, and Kaboom even crackles with wild electric energy when he’s using his power. He can generate powerful blasts and shields, making him a real challenge for Ms. Marvel.


Kamala Khan and Kamran

Kamran shares similar powers with Kaboom, though they work in different ways. He generates and manipulates biokinetic energy, unleashing powerful energy blasts. His entire body glows with biokinetic energy, turning him an electric blue.

Kamran can also discharge energy into objects or even people, causing them to overload and in some cases explode. Combined with his lack of morals and ethics, he proved to be one of Ms. Marvel’s most dangerous enemies thanks to his seemingly good nature.


Champions fight Zzzax in Marvel Comics.

Zzzax exists as a being of pure electrical energy, granting him enormous agency over electricity. He generates powerful electrical blasts and can manipulate his size and strength based on the amount of electricity he absorbs.

Zzzax began as one of the first supervillains Hulk fought in Marvel Comics, and he brought his electrical threat to the Champions in 2018. With his ability to control electricity, he also influences brain waves, making him even more dangerous.


The Champions fighting C.R.A.D.L.E. from Champions #2.

C.R.A.D.L.E. bring to bear the entire might of the United States government and the law. Child Hero Reconnaissance and Disruption Law Enforcement possesses a virtual army of soldiers and agents, seemingly the equal in power and purchase as S.H.I.E.L.D.

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They use a variety of advanced technologies to counter the powers of their targets, including the Champions. Armed and funded to the max, C.R.A.D.L.E. makes sure teen superheroes like Kamala don’t break the law, turning them into unlikely Ms. Marvel villains.


HYDRA attacks in Marvel Comics.

Hydra ranks among the most powerful and persistent Captain America villains, and Ms. Marvel fought them along with the Champions. With a vast, advanced arsenal, nearly unlimited resources, and an unyielding capacity for violence, Hydra terrorizes the world over and over.

Hydra’s forces represented possibly the greatest threat to world peace when they took over America in Secret Empire. Though Ms. Marvel and other heroes defeated them, they always return, living out their motto of “If a head is cut off, two more shall take its place.”

The High Evolutionary

High Evolutionary reveals Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver's parentage

Comic book fans know The High Evolutionary serves as a villain for many Marvel heroes, including Ms. Marvel. The High Evolutionary possesses genius-level intelligence as well as unrivaled skill in genetics, allowing him to create and refine beings as he sees fit.

The High Evolutionary wears a highly advanced exo-skeleton that protects him against most forms of attack, including the powerful blows Ms. Marvel generates. The suit also serves as a kind of incubator, restoring his body and his mind if damaged or destroyed.


Stormranger Empyre Marvel Comic

Stormranger counts among the most powerful Ms. Marvel variants in Marvel Comics. This evil doppelganger of Ms. Marvel hauls from an alternate reality. A product of Kamala Khan bonding with a Kree nano suit, Stronranger shares all of Ms. Marvel’s superpowers, including her patented ability to shapeshift.

She also has a nanite body that can interface with any technology, alien or human, and produce functional weapons like laser cannons. Stromranger is also generally insulated from any kind of electrical or energetic shocks.

Kang The Conqueror

Comic book fans know Kang The Conqueror is one of the most powerful supervillains in the Marvel Universe. A time traveler, he possesses extraordinary knowledge and experience of the future and past, as well as 31st century and beyond technology.

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His armored suit protects him against most forms of attack and also emits energy blasts. Kang had a few run-ins with Kamala Khan in the comic books, and he could very well prove to be an antagonist for her in the MCU as well.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Ms. Marvel

Captain Marvel stands among the most powerful cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe, capable of generating massive cosmic blasts, manipulating matter and energy, as well as flying at faster than light speed.

Though Carol Danvers inspired Kamala Khan to become a superhero in the first place, the two had a brutal falling out during the events of Civil War II, which ultimately led to them choosing different sides of the conflict. Captain Marvel briefly became Ms. Marvel’s most powerful villain, something that could happen in the MCU.


Thanos fights the Champions in Marvel Comics.

Thanos possesses unimaginable strength and stamina thanks to his Eternal physiology, more than enough to overwhelm Ms. Marvel and the Champions as he did in Infinity Countdown: Champions #2 in 2018. He destroys Ironheart’s armor with a simple blow.

Thanos ranks among the most powerful beings in the Marvel Universe when he possesses the Infinity Gauntlet. With the Infinity Stones, he commands god-like power over reality, and infamously erased half the living beings in the universe with the snap of his fingers.

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