My Project Diva Arcade Controller is Perfect for Mega Mix Plus on PC

My Project Diva Arcade Controller is Perfect for Mega Mix Plus on PC

Last week, Sega surprised us with a Project Diva debut and dropped Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix+ on Steam. It’s the first of the series on PC, and to the detriment of everyone around me, I immediately bought it.

It’s easily among the best collections in the series, boasting over 170 songs, tons of customization options, and a concert playlist mode. There’s also an extra song pack outside of that base version, so opt for the bundle and save $20 bucks if you’re interested in the expanded 250-song library.

Anyway, simply picking up Mega Mix on PC wouldn’t be so bad, but I have this giant arcade controller that everyone within a mile radius can hear. My loved ones may not be too thrilled to see me dragging this out of the closet, but I love the thing, and thankfully the Steam version works like a dream with my ridiculous Hori setup. Behold.

If you’re unfamiliar, the Project Diva series boasts some pretty sick arcade setups—I once wasted a whole visit to Tokyo glued to them. I’ve enjoyed rhythm games just fine on the PlayStation Vita, 3Ds, and PlayStation 3/4, but those punchy arcade buttons hooked me and sent me into a weird peripheral-obsessed phase. That era led to trying plenty of bizarre setups, but I sold them off after abandoning Project Diva F 2nd on PS3 and never really thought much of it until Mega Mix on PC.

I was a little anxious that something would go wrong with a device I last used on PS3, but I had to try. The Hori sticks are USB, so it’s not outlandish to assume it should play nice, but you never know about wonkiness on either Sega’s side or Hori.  That’s not the case here, though, and for those of you just as miserable as I am over emulating that arcade feel, my years-old Hori arcade controller feels great. It’s a relief since there’s no way I’m getting that muscle memory using a PS4 stick or keyboard. The only downside is that it makes an ungodly amount of racket—like it’s punchy in the way an excellent thocky keyboard feels, but it’s obnoxious for anyone within earshot.

If you want to give it a whirl yourself, you can adjust the Mega Mix Plus settings on PC by selecting Customization from the main menu. At the bottom, you should see a Game/Control Config option, and you can tweak arcade controller settings from there. I’ve seen some folks complain about input lag, and there’s configuration options there to adjust for your setup. On my end, I haven’t run into any issues with the game. I’m just annoyed with myself for buying this thing and revisiting my Project Diva era; this is likely all I’ll do for weeks now.

Author: Deann Hawkins