My Time At Portia Sequel, Sandrock, Is Already More Popular Than Original

My Time At Portia Sequel, Sandrock, Is Already More Popular Than Original

My Time at Portia sequel, My Time at Sandrock, is already proving popular and has surpassed the original in concurrent PC player count numbers.

Early-access game My Time at Sandrock has already surpassed its predecessor in PC player numbers, despite only just releasing. Serving as something of a sequel to My Time at Portia, My Time at Sandrock has improved crafting, exploration, and more, making it less cumbersome for players old and new. The game is in Early Access with its full release expected in 2023.

Developed by Chinese-based studio Pathea Games, My Time at Portia and My Time at Sandrock are roleplaying simulation games inspired by such titles as Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, and Rune Factory. The My Time games see the player assume the role of a builder who must help grow their respective towns. While Portia had the players start in a relatively resource-rich area, Sandrock instead has players in the middle of a barren desert, which is home to several ruins containing valuable resources. The harsh desert can also be cultivated to suit the builder’s needs. The land isn’t the only thing a player can cultivate, as Sandrock features a much more refined relationship system similar to Rune Factory 5, which features roughly over 30 NPCs to befriend, with a few even being romanceable.


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Despite releasing just last week on May 26, My Time at Sandrock has already surpassed My Time at Portia’s concurrent player count record on Steam, proving it’s already primed for success. According to SteamDB data (via PC Gamer), Sandrock peaked at 18,500 players on the day of its release, comfortable beating Portia’s lifetime best player count of 13,299. This was further beaten on May 28, when My Time at Sandrock reached over 21,000 concurrent players. While this spells good news for the upcoming full release, it’s perhaps worth noting that this data only covers the PC release of My Time at Portia, and not the other platforms the game is available on, which could mean Sandrock still has something to prove.

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So far, consumer reception towards My Time at Sandrock, according to Steam, has been mostly positive. However, some notable complaints have crept up. The first is the game’s stability, with many reporting crashing between loading screens while entering and exiting buildings. The quick rate of a builder’s stamina drain is also a core complaint. Without stamina, the builder’s progress essentially stops until recovered, which takes a long time in-game without access to proper recovery items. The last common complaint has been the NPCs themselves, which are either too bland or stereotypical to be likable.

While My Time at Sandrock is off to a great start, there are still issues, but Pathea still has time to take advantage of Sandrock’s Early Access status to refine and fix them. Judging by the early success of My Time at Sandrock, it could well prove more popular than My Time at Portia despite the latter’s multi-platform success, though fans will have to wait to find out for themselves.

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Source: Steam DB (via PC Gamer)

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