Natalie Reacts To Watching Shayne and Shaina’s Beach Convo

Natalie Reacts To Watching Shayne and Shaina's Beach Convo

Love Is Blind star Natalie Lee is finally talking about Shayne and Shaina’s beach convo, and her opinions on Shayne and Shaina’s relationship.

Now that Love Is Blind season 2 is out, Natalie Lee is finally sharing her thoughts on the infamous Shayne Jansen and Shaina Hurley beach conversation. From the very beginning, Shayne, Shaina, and Natalie were a disastrous love triangle. Fans were quick to notice the women’s differing approaches when it came to love. With Shaina being the more flirtatious type, the couple seemed to have only a surface-level attraction. Shayne seemed to form a deeper connection with Natalie, who seemed funny and empathetic towards his needs. Ultimately Shayne ended up proposing to Natalie, with Shaina accepting a proposal from contestant Kyle Abrams.


This didn’t stop the triangle, and subsequent drama, from occurring. While Shayne and Natalie seemed to be moving forward, Shaina quickly realized she’d picked wrong and still had feelings for Shayne. This led to her dumping Kyle and joining the cast at a beach get-together in the hopes that she could rekindle things with Shayne. It was during this conversation that it came out Shaina had called Natalie earlier in the week, saying she had a friend she could set Natalie up with if things didn’t end up working out. While fans didn’t have much faith in Shayne, he proved them wrong by defending Natalie and explaining how awful it was to say that to his finacé. This set Shaina off, and she began exclaiming how fake Natalie and Shayne were as a couple. The conversation ended with Shayne walking away in disappointment, and then comforting Natalie.

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Shayne never really gave Natalie the gritty details, but now that the episode has aired Natalie’s speaking out about the conversation, and his relationship with Shaina as a whole. In an interview with BuzzFeed Natalie began, “I wasn’t aware of the connection Shaina and Shayne had in the pods.” In the pods Shayne tried multiple times to convince Natalie that she was the only girl he was interested in, all the while still speaking to Shaina. The first fight Natalie and Shayne ever had was when Shayne mistook Natalie’s voice for Shaina’s and admitted he’d been hoping it was her. This was really the only indication Natalie had that there might be another connection forming, “At the time, I did ask them if there was anything going on — and I never got a straight answer on that. So seeing it on the show, and really getting that inside look, was a surprise to me,” she said.

Shayne and Shaina sitting together outside on Love is Blind season 2.

About the actual beach conversation, Natalie had this to say, “That was also quite a shock to me, too just in terms of what was said and the anger that she had in that scene — I wasn’t aware of it.” This makes sense considering just days prior Shaina had called Natalie under the guise of a friendly conversation with the anterior motive of figuring out if Shayne was over her yet. “I did reach out to her the day after that scene to get her side of the story, Shayne told me what she had said. I didn’t get the full truth at that time,” Natalie addded. Shaina has since apologized for her behavior, saying it’s a deep regret and that she wishes them both well.

In a strange way, Shaina and Shayne always felt more suited for each other than Natalie and Shayne. Natalie and Shayne seemed to be in two different places when it came to emotional intelligence. A point that was only further proven when the day before Natalie and Shayne’s wedding they got into a fight in which Shayne allegedly told Natalie he hated her. Suffice to say, Natalie did not say “I do” the next day. That being said, Natalie made it clear she would be willing to work on their relationship if he was. With the Love is Blind reunion episode just days away, fans are beginning to wonder if Shayne gave Natalie another chance, or has since contacted Shaina.

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The Love Is Blind season 2 reunion drops March 4 at 3 a.m. PST on Netflix.

Source: Buzzfeed

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