Natalie & Shayne Stop ‘Communicating’ After Breakup

Natalie & Shayne Stop ‘Communicating’ After Breakup

Natalie Lee and Shayne Jansen are reportedly on bad terms and are no longer communicating following their breakup on Love Is Blind season 2.

Natalie Lee and Shayne Lee are reportedly on bad terms and are no longer “communicating” following their breakup on Love Is Blind season 2. Natalie turned Shayne down at the altar on the finale after a fight the night before their wedding. But the two appeared to be considering possibly giving a post-show relationship a try. While they showed support for each other at the reunion, new hints point to a possible fallout. After unfollowing each other on social media, their relationship has reportedly gone downhill.

Shayne and Natalie spoke highly of each other at the reunion despite the huge fight they had the night before their wedding. Shayne shared his hopes of changing and becoming a better man. Natalie credited Shayne with being the reason she was able to make it through the dating experiment. Natalie revealed the friendship they maintained after filming wrapped and their continued engagement that lasted for a few months.


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But now a few weeks after the reunion aired, Natalie and Shayne appear to be on the outs. “They are not on good terms at the moment,” a source revealed to Us Weekly. While Natalie and Shayne showed promise of a future together, the two are reportedly no longer “communicating and stopped following each other on social media,” the insider said. Natalie expressed a great deal of interest in Shayne that developed during their time getting to know each other in the pods. But it was an unaired fight where Shayne said some pretty hurtful things that motivated Natalie to say “no” during the wedding finale.

Shayne and Natalie looking at each other on Love Is Blind

It was the pre-wedding fight that led to Natalie and Shayne’s latest fallout. “The big blowout fight she and Shayne had was something she could not get past — even months later,” the insider explained. While Shayne and Natalie “tried dating again” in the end, they realized “they weren’t meant to be and it was for the best,” the source said. Viewers were rooting for Shayne and Natalie to make it. They became a fan favorite on the show despite their cringe-worthy moments and frequent bickering. Many rooted for Natalie even more after Shaina Hurley seemingly tried to cause drama between her and Shayne. Most of the couples ended up not getting married in the end and Natalie and Shayne were among the bunch.

Natalie and Shayne challenged each other throughout the process, which led to a number of awkward confrontations. Shayne expressed his desire for Natalie to be more affectionate and boost his ego. Natalie was patient with Shayne’s request but expressed her worry about if they would work out as a couple. Even after meeting each other’s families and extending their filmed engagement, Natalie and Shayne realized they weren’t compatible. With them unfollowing each other on social media, it puts a wedge on a possible friendship. The Love Is Blind stars might just need some time apart again. Natalie and Shayne have shown the genuine feelings they have for each other. Hopefully, it’s enough for reconciliation.

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Source: Us Weekly


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