Natasha Lyonne Returns & Alan Has A Mustache

Natasha Lyonne Returns & Alan Has A Mustache

Netflix finally reveals the first official look at Russian Doll’s upcoming season 2, featuring several characters, both familiar and new.

A series of newly unveiled images has finally offered audiences their first look at season 2 of Netflix’s critically acclaimed show, Russian Doll. Initially premiering all eight episodes in February 2019, the series was met with acclaim from critics and audiences alike, who complimented the show’s use of dark humor combined with serious subject matter, as well as the stellar performances from the cast. Through this success, Russian Doll was renewed for a second season back in June 2019, which did not start filming until March 2021 after initially being delayed for a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Russian Doll stars Natasha Lyonne as Nadia Vulvokov, a game developer and party girl who ends up dying at her 36th birthday party and discovers that her night constantly repeats after each death, leading her to try and discover the source of these odd occurrences. Joining Lyonne within the talented main cast of characters include Greta Lee, Yul Vazquez, Charlie Barnett, and Elizabeth Ashley. The second season of the show has been confirmed to take place four years after the events of season 1 and revisit Nadia and her time-looping sidekick, Alan, as they are forced to face existential dangers once again.

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In anticipation of the upcoming second season, Netflix just dropped a series of four images that tease the coming events of Russian Doll season 2, featuring both new and familiar characters. Some included within these images are Schitt’s Creek’s own Annie Murphy in a seemingly much more sophisticated role alongside Lyonne’s Nadia and Sharlto Copely, who appears as a character that seems just as rough and ready as Nadia is. Throughout all of the images, the lead character herself looks just as confused as she had in the previous season, hinting at the events of this latest entry of Russian Doll being at the same level, if not much crazier, than the last. View the images below:

One of the main reasons the hit show became so successful was the truly insane premise that was presented and the mind-boggling, interesting techniques that the creative team utilized in order to bring Nadia Vulkolov’s story to life. However, many past reports directly from the team behind the series’ development have stressed that this upcoming season will be vastly different from the first and that future installments may not even follow the same characters audiences initially met at the show’s beginning. While the main cast have all been confirmed to return, the series’ future following this has not.

With this brand-new first look into the hit series’ upcoming second season, the excitement surrounding its release amongst fans has only heightened, building up tension for Nadia Vulkolov’s return. Furthermore, these images also showcase how vastly different the show could be moving forward, with new characters and different appearances telling various tales. While a release date has not been confirmed, Russian Doll season 2 is expected to hit Netflix in mid-2022.

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