New MCU Disney+ Show Could Be A Hollywood Satire, Says Report

New MCU Disney+ Show Could Be A Hollywood Satire, Says Report

The new MCU series Wonder Man, which is in the early development stages at Disney+, is reportedly going to be a Hollywood satire.

The new MCU show Wonder Man, which is in the early development stages at Disney+, is reportedly going to be a Hollywood satire. Since the beginning of Phase 4, the MCU has gotten a secondary platform through Disney+. Thanks to the Disney-branded streaming service, Marvel Studios has been able to flesh out the MCU as they continue to go through Phase 4. Following the end of the Infinity Saga, Phase 4 has been introducing new heroes and villains to the Avengers-focused universe, both on the big screen and on Disney+

While Disney+ has already seen several new Marvel Studios originals arrive in the last few years, another one is on its way. Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Community scribe Andrew Guest are teaming up with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings director Destin Daniel Cretton to develop a Wonder Man series for Disney+ The series is currently in early development with Guest as the head writer while Cretton is expected to direct at least 1 episode. Due to it having been recently announced, the Wonder Man show is likely not looking to start production until 2023.


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Since the initial announcement, Marvel Studios and Disney+ have yet to comment on the Wonder Man adaptation. However, new details have emerged about the MCU drama, as Variety writer Joe Otterson is reporting that he has heard that Wonder Man may actually be a Hollywood satire. Otterson stresses that while it is not 100% confirmed, it would make sense for Wonder Man to go in that direction due to the character’s background.

I have also heard that this show could be a Hollywood satire, but that is not 100% confirmed. It would make sense given Wonder Man’s backstory as an actor and stuntman in the comics #WonderMan

— Joe Otterson (@JoeOtterson) June 16, 2022

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If Wonder Man goes forward as a Disney+ series, it would follow Simon Williams as the titular character, who was an actor and stuntman prior to becoming a superhero. Wonder Man, who debuted in the Marvel Universe in August 1964, was initially a villain before becoming a hero. In the comics, Wonder Man was a prominent member of the West Coast Avengers, one of the many alternative Avengers teams in the Marvel Universe. So far, Wonder Man has only appeared in a handful of animated shows, including The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

The idea to have Wonder Man be approached as a Hollywood satire would be a new and refreshing direction for the MCU. Given how the Avengers have changed celebrity culture within the MCU, it would be intriguing to see how the show would tackle that through Simon’s eyes. It would help Wonder Man stand out from the other MCU shows, especially as Simon isn’t as recognizable in comparison to other Marvel heroes in the franchise. While unconfirmed, it wouldn’t be shocking if Wonder Man doesn’t premiere until Phase 5, given how Phase 4 is already packed. Time will tell what Marvel Studios is doing with Wonder Man, but hopefully, details will emerge sooner rather than later.

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Source: Joe Otterson

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