Nightwing Homage Cover Hilariously Casts Bat-Family in The Brady Bunch

Nightwing Homage Cover Hilariously Casts Bat-Family in The Brady Bunch

A new cover cover for Nightwing #96, illustrated by Bruno Redondo, cleverly casts Nightwing and the Bat-Family in the classic sitcom The Brady Bunch.

A newly unveiled cover for the upcoming Nightwing #96, illustrated by the talented Bruno Redondo, recasts Nightwing and the Bat-Family in the classic 1970s sitcom The Brady Bunch. In a truly hilarious and clever homage to the beloved TV show Redondo has put much of the Bat-Family, but not all of them, into the infamous “Brady squares” used in the opening sequence of The Brady Bunch.

The Brady Bunch focused on a blended family, after Carol marries Mike Brady and her and her three daughters move into the Brady home shared by Mike and his three sons, leading to awkward tension, teenage hijinks, and character growth one could expect out of a 1970s sitcom. The classic series debuted in 1969 and lasted 5 seasons until its cancellation in 1974, becoming one of the most beloved and referenced sitcoms of the past 50 years, and spawning a series of popular spin-offs and remakes within the “Bradyverse.”


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Batman and his family are the definition of a blended family, with literally almost all of Bruce’s Robins being adopted, besides his biological son Damian. Nightwing was Bruce’s first “official” Robin and has been a major part of the Wayne and Bat-Family for decades, and family means a whole lot to him after the tragic deaths of his trapeze parents, the Flying Graysons. Bruno Redondo, the regular artist on Tom Taylor’s critically acclaimed Nightwing series, also does many of the main covers for the series, and recently showed off the Brady Bunch inspired cover on his Twitter. The clever cover features Nightwing, Barbara Gordon, their adorable new puppy Haley, Tim Drake, Damian Wayne, Red Hood, Spoiler, Cassandra Cain (hiding behind Stephanie Brown out of the spotlight, unsurprisingly), and of course Batman. Some fans were disappointed that Kate Kane or the powerful Duke Thomas were not included in this image, but unfortunately the classic Brady Bunch title sequence only included eight squares, and Redondo’s art reflects members of the Bat-Family that are most prominent in the current Nightwing title, and who Dick is closest to.

A major part of the Brady Bunch TV show was the petty fights, jealousy, and meaningful friendships that developed between the two interloping group of children, and Nightwing and the members of the Bat-Family are truly no different. There is perpetually drama between Dick and Jason Todd, the second Robin, and Damian Wayne is always stirring up trouble, especially if he feels jealous of his father giving too much attention to another Robin. Of course, one of Dick Grayson’s major dramas throughout his publication history is his complicated romantic history with Barbara Gordon and his former Teen Titans teammate Starfire, so Dick and Barbara’s sly glances at each other across the cover are no surprise.

Batman’s infamous Bat-Family is one of the most beloved superhero families in all of modern comics, and Bruno Redondo’s gorgeous The Brady Bunch-inspired homage cover for Nightwing #96 highlights how important their blended family is to Dick Grayson.

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