No Man’s Sky: How to Get a Forged Passport

No Man’s Sky: How to Get a Forged Passport

Thanks to the No Man’s Sky Outlaws update, players can get their hands on Forged Passports to restore any tarnished reputation from pirate activities.

The No Man’s Sky Outlaws update has added some phenomenal new items to the game, including a Forged Passport. The Outlaws update allows players to channel their inner space pirate, ransacking other ships and locations while defending their own goods. There’s a brand new community expedition to follow along with as well, but all of the new content, such as the Forged Passport, is available on any previous save file, too. This update also allows players to take on the role of a smuggler as they transport illegal goods from seller to buyer across the galaxy.

A Forged Passport isn’t exactly what it sounds like, as it won’t allow players to access any new locations in the No Man’s Sky Outlaws update. Instead, a Forged Passport redeems a traveler’s reputation with the species they have wrong throughout their malicious adventures. For example, shooting down cargo ships in space is a surefire way to decrease reputation with the species that controls that system. With a Forged Passport, players can restore their reputation easily thereby helping them avoid the consequences of their actions.


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For all players that want to dawn the mantle of a smuggler or pirate, the Forged Passport is absolutely the go-to item find. According to the patch notes, all trading ships and freighters that players can pass by in space will have more profitable rewards available. Thanks to the No Man’s Sky Outlaws update, this means that attacking all of these types of ships in any system will be worth the decrease in reputation rank since the rewards are greater and the Forged Passport erases the damage done.

How To Unlock A Forged Passport In No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky: Outlaws Infinite Money Glitch

Before a Forged Passport can be unlocked, travelers will have to discover an Outlaw Station. These stations are those that we previously abandoned in the game, but after the update, pirates and smugglers have taken over those particular systems. Hop into a ship that has an economy scanner equipped, then look for any system in the galaxy that has a skull over it. These are the systems that are pirate-controlled, and where Forged Passports and other No Man’s Sky Outlaws additions can be found as well.

After reaching the Outlaw Station, speak with the Bounty Master to pick up a mission that will reward the Forged Passport upon completion. These missions can only be claimed one at a time and must be turned in after the task is finished in order to claim the rewards. There are also other No Man’s Sky Outlaws missions that are available from the Bounty Master well, such as attacking Freighters, smuggling goods, and more.

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No Man’s Sky is available on the PlayStation 4 and 5, the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, Android, and Microsoft Windows.


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