No Man’s Sky Starship Cargo Upgrade Guide

No Man's Sky Starship Cargo Upgrade Guide

Have you ever wondered why your space suit and freighter have a cargo inventory but your spaceship never has? Upon logging in you’ll now find yourself blessed with all new starship cargo inventory space as part of the new Outlaws Update for No Man’s Sky. The best part? They’re double capacity slots just like you would expect. Your first question is probably about how many total slots you can have, where you can upgrade them, and how much they cost? If you asked any of those, you’re in the right place! This No Man’s Sky starship cargo upgrade guide explains all of that and more!

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Starship Cargo Slot Maximum

Just like regular inventory slots, each Starship has its own maximum number of cargo slots determined by its class. Haulers will naturally start with more slots, but they share the same cap with Fighters and all other types. The maximum number of cargo slots a Starship can have is 21. These are treated just like the cargo slots in your exosuit, holding double what regular inventory slots can handle.

Keep in mind that there are still inventory limits. While these can hold almost ten thousand of any material like Chlorine, it won’t hold nearly as many complicated materials. Things like Iridesite, Salvage Data, and the like all have much lower limits.

Regular storage slot limits depend on class:

S-Class: 48
A-Class: 40
B-Class: 35
C-Class: 25

And yes, this means if you have the money, there is no reason to choose a Hauler over any of the more combat efficient ship types. Every S-Class ship, no matter how small, can have up to 48 regular storage slots, 21 technology slots, and 21 cargo slots.

How to Upgrade Your Cargo Slots

Again, you’re likely familiar with this system. If you’re not, your ship will likely have some cargo slots already. There will usually be room for more, however, as you can see the bounds of the solid gray line around the inventory. To unlock these, head to the nearest space station and interact with the Starship Outfitting station. Click into Upgrade Starship and, if you have enough money, Purchase Storage. Each of these will set you back at least one million units increasing up to numbers as high as 300 million; quite a hefty sum. Hopefully you’re not purchasing all of your slots this way as you’d easily pay more than a few billion credits.

Don’t be afraid to click in and poke around. There is another screen after the Purchase Storage button. You will not immediately spend 65 million credits.

As the game continues to grow in size and scope, inventory has legitimately become a problem for many. At this point, bases full of storage is almost required if you’re planning on keeping a significant amount of stock. If money is a problem, as of April 13, 2022, there is an infinite money exploit available for those willing to take advantage of that.

Author: Deann Hawkins