No Man’s Sky’s Outlaws Update Lets You Do Pirate Space Crimes

No Man's Sky's Outlaws Update Lets You Do Pirate Space Crimes

No Man’s Sky’s latest update is huge, and it’s just got me thinking about how much new, free shit the team over at Hello Games is constantly putting into its open-universe game. The Outlaws update is live now, and while there’s a handful of sweeping quality of life improvements, the big, headlining addition is that you can now be a space pirate stealing, plundering, and smuggling contraband across the game’s galaxy.

All of this is made possible by new Outlaw space stations. These stations don’t have any interceptors but do have their own merchants and marketplaces for contraband you can sell at more upstanding establishments, as long as you’re not caught by authorities trying to smuggle them in. You’ll also find new missions there through the agents found only in these areas. The update is live now, so go do space crimes.

Beyond being a space pirate, No Man’s Sky’s Outlaws update also brings some tweaks and rebalancing to space combat flow and speed, changes to some visual effects to make the explosions more dramatic, and is setting the stage for a new Expedition called Blighted, which is all about stopping a group of pirates called The Blight. Check out the showcase trailer below:

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No Man’s Sky has been receiving regular updates since it launched on PlayStation 4 and PC in 2016, and has come to almost every other platform in the years since. An Xbox One port came two years later, and an Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 update followed in 2020. And finally, a Nintendo Switch version is also planned for sometime in 2022.

Author: Deann Hawkins