One Quote From Each Character That Perfectly Sums Up Their Personality

One Quote From Each Character That Perfectly Sums Up Their Personality

Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the series Inventing Anna.

The fascinating characters Anna meets as she defrauds the rich and powerful in Inventing Anna almost always have their own intriguing storylines. Their unique personalities shine through with their most memorable quotes, and there are a few standout lines that perfectly capture their personalities.

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From Kacy’s sage advice to Vivian’s frantic declaration about her story, the quotes that sum up the characters’ personalities are also often well-written and unforgettable ones. As more viewers continue to discover the entertaining miniseries, it’s the best time to look back at some of the lines that defined fan-favorite characters.


Jack Mercer:

“You Never Have To Thank Me.”

Jack holding a remote in Inventing Anna.

Jack may not appear in every episode, but he’s easily one of the most likable characters in Inventing Anna. He always tries his best to understand Vivian despite being hurt by her decisions sometimes.

During Vivian’s ultrasound, they find out that their baby is a girl, and Jack is unsurprisingly overjoyed. He is shocked by his wife’s aggressive reaction, though, and tells her that she’s “ruining one of the best moments” of his life. He quickly realizes that she needs his reassurance more than his anger at that moment, and when she cries and says thank you, he reminds her she never has to thank him for being a good partner.

Alan Reed:

“It’ll Happen. I Believe It.”

Audiences may expect someone as renowned as Alan to know what he’s doing when it comes to his job in the finance industry. Anna easily manipulates the finance lawyer by using his love for his daughter to gain his affection.

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Anna knows that he has a soft spot for her because she has the drive and ambition that Alan wants his own daughter to have. His blind faith in her is obvious when he says he believes the Anna Delvey Foundation will happen, and viewers know that at that point, he’s willing to do anything to ensure that it does.

Nora Radford:

“Anna Scares The S**t Out Of Me. I Still Have Nightmares.”

Nora in a restaurant in Inventing Anna.

Much like other characters on the show, Nora’s life is significantly impacted by Anna’s arrival. She may be the most powerful character in Inventing Anna, but she’s easily outsmarted by the fraudster.

When Vivian asks her what she thinks of Anna, the vulnerability and fear that the con artist has brought out of her are highlighted as she says she “scares the s**t out of” her. It’s just like how Rachel’s personality is forever changed – she and Nora will never be able to trust others like they used to.

Chase Sikorski:

“A Dream We Dream Alone, Is Only A Dream. A Dream We Dream Together, We Can Make Anything Reality.”


Chase’s overconfidence and arrogance often get him in trouble, just like it does when he convinces Anna that it’s okay to overstay their welcome on the yacht in Ibiza. Another great example of this is when he misquotes Yoko Ono (thinking John Lennon said it) by telling Anna to “dream together” after his startup begins to fail.

Anna corrects him in the most badass way possible – it’s the moment Chase realizes he has no power over her at all, as it’s actually the other way around. His cheesy lines and manipulation don’t get him very far in the end.

Todd Spodek:

“I’m F*****g Down To Fight, But You Need To Stop Fighting Me.”

Todd in his office in Inventing Anna.

Fans may have thought of Todd as a quiet and diligent lawyer at first, but it’s soon revealed that he’s a fiery and passionate character. The scene that highlights this huge part of his personality also happens to be the most intense moment on the show.

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As Anna throws a horrible tantrum behind bars, Todd reminds her that she may be a terrible person, but he’s on her side and she has to see that if she wants to win. He’s “down to fight” and he has always had that fire on him.

Rachel Williams:

“All The Lies And Stress And Betrayal, I Know I Can Survive But I Don’t Know If That Ability To Trust Will Ever Change. If I’ll Ever Be Myself Again. If I’ll Ever Be Able To Let Someone In.”

Rachel in court in Inventing Anna.

Whether viewers like her or not, Rachel is definitely one of the best characters in Inventing Anna. Her experience captures everything that’s wrong with what Anna does to other people.

During the trial, she describes how “the lies and stress and betrayal” may have been awful, but it’s the change in her “ability to trust” that has been impossible to deal with. It’s hard to imagine what it would be like to be in her shoes, but her testimony in court gives fans an idea of just how damaging the whole ordeal has been.

Kacy Duke:

“Here’s The Thing About Anger, When You’re Angry, You’re Just A Character In Someone Else’s Story, But When You Let Your Anger Go, You Reclaim Your Own Story, Become Your Own Protagonist Again.”

Neff, Anna, and Rachel know that they can always turn to their brilliant friend Kacy when they need words of wisdom. She always seems to know exactly what to say to others, but her story arc thankfully shows her learning what she needs to say to herself to become happier and more at peace with the whole situation.

Her line about letting anger go sums up what she has learned from her experience with Anna. She understands now that she has to set clear boundaries and put herself first.

Neff Davis:

“I Am Not New. I Am Not Stupid. This Is New York. I Work In The New York People Business. Everyone Here Is Running A Game. Everyone Here Needs To Score. Everyone Here Is Hustling.”

Neff looking at someone offscreen in Inventing Anna.

When Vivian approaches Neff with a lie about why she wants to write Anna’s story so badly, the concierge immediately knows she’s being untruthful. She reminds the journalist that she’s “not stupid” and she works in the “people business.”

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Neff is always talking about “hustling” and how it’s something admirable. She can tell when someone is a hard worker and she admires that, which is why she’s drawn to the protagonist in the first place. Of course, her entire monologue to Vivian in that scene is hard-hitting and fierce, which can always be expected from the intense character.

Vivian Kent:

“I Need To Get This Story Out Of My Head And Onto The Page. I Need To Get This Done. I Need To Finish. I Need To Have This Baby, Knowing That I Kicked A*s And Won.”

Vivian Kent Didn't Convince Anna To Go To Trial Inventing Anna

It’s not clear for quite a while why Vivian is so determined to get Anna’s story out there, as it isn’t just about the fraudster being a remarkable subject. Fans soon learn about the unfortunate event that ruined her career, which becomes her driving force to redeem her reputation by writing an incredible piece.

Her determination, fear, and desperation are all evident when she tells Jack that she needs “to get this done,” even if at that point, she only has two days to complete everything. She has persistence and talent, and she won’t stop for anything to get what she wants.

Anna Delvey (Anna Sorokin):

“If It’s Important Enough, We Do The Things We Want To Do.”

Audiences get a rare glimpse at Anna’s more vulnerable side (that is one of the most appealing parts of her personality) when she has a conversation with Neff about her past and her family. Because they both have strong personalities, Anna doesn’t understand why Neff doesn’t just drop everything and become a director.

Neff may not know it then, but Anna comes from a regular family, too. It’s just that “it’s important enough” for her to infiltrate the elite circles of NYC to establish herself as a major player – it’s what she wants, and she will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

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