One Quote That Perfectly Sums Up Each Character

One Quote That Perfectly Sums Up Each Character

Warning: This article contains major SPOILERS for The Batman.

Robert Pattinson’s starring role in The Batman has brought out particular focus in the titular protagonist. The film is notable for diving into each character’s mindset to portray their thinking process and why they are on the side of good, bad, or somewhere in between.

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The primary story is about The Riddler’s cat-and-mouse game with Batman as he looks to expose corruption in Gotham using brutal methods. This outline paved the way for several quotes that allude to the characters’ personalities and it’s the best way to understand how they function. The quotes are also a way to appreciate the dark outlook that forms part of the film’s aesthetic.


Bruce Wayne

“I’m Not Afraid To Die.”


Robert Pattinson’s role as Batman isn’t like other movies and shows he’s been part of since the character is good but uses villainous tactics. Bruce was shown to be a hardened individual, who became so devastated from his parents’ deaths that he and Alfred were estranged.

While meeting Alfred at the hospital, Bruce admitted he wasn’t afraid of death because he thought living in fear was worse. It showed how the Bruce Wayne persona of his worked, as he was reclusive and gaunt, looking like he could die any moment and still not care.

Carmine Falcone

“Fear Isn’t Enough.”

Carmine Falcone playing pool in The Batman

Carmine Falcone was the secondary antagonist of The Batman and the main villain Selina Kyle’s story. This version was a lot more resilient when it came to being a kingpin, having little fear of Batman himself along with harboring no qualms with attempting to take the life of his own daughter.

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Falcone uttered this quote when Bruce confronted him over the possibility of Falcone killing his father, which the latter denied and claimed that Thomas hired him instead. Falcone’s words ring true over how he was since he was someone who didn’t back down to fear and had to be killed by The Riddler to permanently end his threat.

The Penguin

“I Ain’t No Rat!”

Penguin Oswald Cobblepot Colin Farrell The Batman

There wasn’t much for Penguin to do in this movie, although he should appear in The Batman’s sequel since he’s set up as the next crime lord. Penguin was the red herring in this story, with the first half showing Batman’s pursuit of him out of the belief that Penguin was the “rat” that Riddler was talking about.

Penguin was defiant that he wasn’t a snitch even though he was terrified of Batman. It went to show that he had some integrity despite being a gangster, as Penguin stuck by his claim that he wouldn’t rat anyone out. It was confirmed when he was angered upon learning that Falcone was the real snitch.

The Riddler

“Bruce Wayne, Gotham Needs You To Answer For The Sins Of Your Father.”

There are many iconic Riddler comic panels in Batman comics, but the version in The Batman was a class apart, as he was shown to be a truly scary individual. In one of his messages, The Riddler called out Bruce Wayne, claiming he had to answer for Thomas’ crimes.

The movie hadn’t revealed yet that Riddler was Edward Nashton, which made this a clue toward his true obsession with Bruce. The Riddler persona was inspired by Nashton’s knowledge of Bruce’s identity as Batman, and this quote was actually The Riddler’s attempt in getting Batman to join his crooked vigilantism.

Alfred Pennyworth

“It Was My Job To Protect Them.”

The Batman Andy Serkis Alfred trailer

Alfred was very quiet in comparison to other depictions of the character, not having much to say to Bruce apart from looking disapproving. It was after he was hospitalized that Alfred revealed what was on his mind, where he admitted that he felt guilty for Thomas and Martha’s deaths.

Alfred considered the betterment of the Wayne household to be his responsibility, showing that his life was dedicated toward the family. Alfred’s estrangement to Bruce came from his disappointment that Bruce adopted the Batman identity as his primary persona, which Alfred saw as a result of his inability to protect Bruce’s parents.

James Gordon

“I Only Trust You.”

James Gordon had his reservations about Batman’s mentality in the film, frequently commenting on Batman’s taste for violence. However, he also respected the Dark Knight’s stand against crime, to the point where he openly told Batman that he’s the only one he trusted.

Gordon’s role has traditionally been as Batman’s ally in the police force, which was played straight here as well. Gordon was the only one who believed in Batman, going up against other people of authority to stick up for the hero. His trust paid off in the end when Batman proved he was Gotham’s great protector.

Selina Kyle

“I Have A Thing About Strays.”

Selina Kyle has coffee in The Batman

Selina didn’t take up the Catwoman moniker in full during The Batman, being portrayed as a thief who happened to come across Batman by accident. There were several hints toward her comic book persona, though, with Selina shown to possess cats and have an affinity for their traits.

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When Batman pointed this out, Selina answered with this quote, which also sums up who she is. After all, her two love interests, Batman and Annika, are both strays for the way they were left to their own devices. Selina could relate to people who were outsiders like her and that’s why she made such a good partner for Batman.

The Joker

“One Day You’re On Top. The Next Day, You’re A Clown.”

the batman, no more lies

There were many behind-the-scenes rumblings about The Batman, one of which was the possibility of The Joker’s appearance. He arrived right at the climax, where he befriended The Riddler at Arkham, sharing this quote as his way of empathizing with the new inmate.

It summed up Joker’s journey thus far, seeing as he had to have been caught by either Batman or the authorities to be incarcerated at Arkham. The quote also alludes to Joker’s origin in the comics, where he fell into a vat of acid to become the Clown Prince of Crime.


“They Think I’m Hiding In The Shadows…But I Am The Shadows.”

Batman crouched over a beaten gang thug in The Batman

Batman was established as a feared character when the movie began, with criminals terrified at the sight of the Bat-signal in the sky. Batman narrated that criminals still didn’t understand him, thinking that he used the dark for his benefit when he was already filled with darkness.

As The Riddler later claimed, Batman was Bruce’s primary persona, meaning he was his real self when he was the Caped Crusader. This version of Batman found himself to be at ease when he was incognito and out of the public eye, proving that the creature in the dark is what he likened himself to be.

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