One Tree Hill: The Best Friendship In Each Season

One Tree Hill: The Best Friendship In Each Season

Unexpected moments, break-ups, and character deaths happen in each season of One Tree Hill, but the friendships between Lucas and the other characters are why fans really keep coming back. Dating complications and family problems often threaten to ruin many of the platonic relationships on the show, but the characters care so much that they’re always able to make it through.

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From the person who Lucas is closest to at the beginning of the show to the way that Brooke and Peyton’s relationship grows over the course of the series, there is one significant friendship in every season of One Tree Hill.

9 Season 1: Haley And Lucas

Lucas and Haley talking next to their lockers in One Tree Hill

The best One Tree Hill season 1 episodes explore the friendship between Haley and Lucas, who are both smart, like doing well in school, and stay far away from the popular crowd. But as their lives change and they meet Nathan and Peyton, they realize that they have more in common with other people than they ever thought possible.

Although Haley falls for Nathan and Lucas becomes part of the love triangle with Peyton and Brooke, Haley and Lucas stay close and never let the other person forget that they have each other’s best interests at heart.

8 Season 2: Brooke And Peyton

Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis at a college party in One Tree Hill

Things are rocky and rough between Brooke and Peyton in season 1. While they care about each other and have a rich and important history, they both love Lucas and they find it impossible to stay pals since they both want to date him.

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Brooke and Peyton have the most meaningful season 2 friendship as they find their way back to each other and realize that they should be making up for lost time. Brooke acknowledges that Peyton and Lucas have a stronger connection and Brooke and Peyton help each other through the tough parts of high school.


7 Season 3: Brooke And Haley

Haley James Scott and Brooke Davis in One Tree Hill

Haley and Nathan’s best One Tree Hill episodes include their high school wedding, and Brooke is a huge part of this exciting moment in their lives, which solidifies Haley and Brooke’s friendship.

In the season 3 episode “Over The Hills And Far Away,” Brooke makes a wedding dress for Haley and is also in charge of a party to celebrate Haley and Nathan’s engagement. Although Brooke upsets and stresses Haley out as she comes on a bit too strongly, Haley knows that her friend wants to be there for her.

6 Season 4: Brooke And Rachel

Rachel Gatina and Brooke Davis in One Tree Hill

When stealing a Math test and pretending to be members of the “Clean Teen” group, Brooke and Rachel bond quickly, although fans can tell that they’re negative influences on each other.

Rachel and Brooke don’t stay friends, and Brooke is shocked along with the other characters to learn that Rachel and Dan get married later on. But at this moment in the young adult show, Brooke and Rachel have an incredibly dynamic and dramatic friendship that viewers are excited to keep watching.

5 Season 5: Brooke And Peyton

Peyton and Brooke on One Tree Hill

Because Brooke and Peyton both decide that they should live in Tree Hill again, their friendship stands out the most in season 5.

The characters have both grown since they’ve moved away from home, and they quickly realize that being back is just as difficult as being away, as Brooke deals with her mean and tough mom and Peyton misses Lucas.

4 Season 6: Chuck And Jamie

Split image of Chuck and Jamie in One Tree Hill

Quentin is a fan favorite One Tree Hill character after season 1, and Quentin’s death is devastating for all of the characters. Jamie is especially heartbroken because they were really close, and this ends up bringing Jamie and Chuck closer, too.

After Chuck makes fun of Jamie, which is heartbreaking to see, Chuck and Jamie make up and start hanging out. It’s adorable seeing these two young characters spend time together.

3 Season 7: Mia And Haley

Mia and Haley standing in Red Bedroom Records in One Tree Hill

Haley and Mia are both working at Red Bedroom Records in season 7, and they help each other out as they want their musical careers to be a success.

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Watching these two characters connect over music is really sweet and it feels important, as Haley hasn’t often ventured outside of her typical friend group. Mia is such a strong, unique character who wants to be herself, and she’s an inspiration for Haley, who can sometimes be nervous.

2 Season 8: Millie And Mouth

Millie and Mouth become a fan favorite One Tree Hill couple, but in season 8, they are just becoming a part of each other’s lives.

The characters come up with an idea for a morning show, and it’s moving to watch them go after their dreams together. Mouth and Millie prove that friendship can lead to a great love story, and by the end of the show, they commit to each other.

1 Season 9: Haley And Lucas

Haley and Lucas sitting and talking seriously on One Tree Hill

While Haley and Lucas have never stopped being good friends, their relationship becomes even more crucial to the show’s plot when Nathan is kidnapped and Haley is scared and desperate to find him.

In the season 9 episode “Last Known Surroundings,” Haley wants Lucas to lend her some assistance, and Lucas jumps at the chance to be there. These characters show that even though time has passed and they don’t live in the same town anymore, their friendship will never be over.

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