Ozark Star Reveals Unique Way She Learned Of Ruth’s Fate

Ozark Star Reveals Unique Way She Learned Of Ruth's Fate

Julia Garner reveals the very unique way she learned of her character Ruth Langmore’s ultimate fate in Netflix’s hit series Ozark season 4.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Ozark season 4

Ozark star Julia Garner reveals the unique way she learned of her character Ruth’s fate. Netflix’s popular crime drama made its debut in 2017, following the tale of Marty Byrde as he relocates his family from Chicago to the Lake of the Ozarks as the result of a botched money-laundering deal. Starring Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, and Julia Garner, Ozark is critically acclaimed, racking up countless award nominations and wins for the show’s overall tone, directing, and cast performances. Ozark told its tale throughout four seasons, with the season 4 finale released on Netflix in April 2022.


As the Byrde family settles into their new life in the Ozarks, Marty becomes acquainted with the Langmore family. In particular, career criminal Ruth Langmore takes a special interest in Marty’s business dealings, hoping to find a way to cash in. Despite growing up poor in a notorious family of criminals, Ruth is an intelligent and ambitious young woman who seeks money and power in hopes of giving a better life to her family. When Ruth meets Marty, she sees that opportunity. Throughout the series, Ruth strives to become a more intelligent criminal. But as with any life of crime, there is a significant amount of danger and risk at play, and the Ozark season 4 finale saw Ruth’s death.

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In a recent interview with Time, Garner revealed the unique way she learned of Ruth’s fate in Ozark. While discussing the topic, Garner revealed she meditates to center herself before getting into character, ultimately removing herself and making room for Ruth to appear. During one of her meditations before Ozark season 4, Garner asked “Ruth” what she was afraid of. According to Garner, “She told me she was afraid to die. Which was very weird because Ruth is never afraid to die.” Within a minute of completing her meditation, Garner received a phone call from Ozark showrunner Chris Mundy wanting to discuss the final season. Right away, Garner asked Mundy if Ruth would die, with Mundy replying, “How did you know?” Garner’s response: “I didn’t know, but Ruth knew that she wasn’t going to be an old lady.” 


Born into the Langmore family, Ruth’s fate was seemingly sealed from the very start. The Langmores are notorious career criminals in the Ozarks. Ruth’s father is incarcerated from the very beginning of the tale and is ultimately gunned down in season 2. And while Ruth met her end in the Ozark season 4 finale, plenty of other Langmores succumbed to a similar destiny. In fact, Ruth served up that destiny to her uncle, Russ Langmore, via electrocution, later confessing to her cousin Wyatt what she had done. And in Ozark season 4, part 1, Javi murders Wyatt Langmore and his wife Darlene due to Darlene’s refusal to quit producing heroin. So, while it was a polarizing and emotional end for Ruth, a life of crime has no mercy, and the Langmore curse ultimately found its way to her.

Garner revealing how she meditates to get into character offers some fascinating insight into how the actor pulled off her stellar portrayal of the doomed character. Ruth Langmore is one of the most interesting and dynamic characters in Ozark, which is likely why her demise in the series finale has been so polarizing. However, the character’s fate does match up with her lifestyle, regardless of whether or not it was hard for audiences to accept. Now, with the entire saga of Ozark complete, audiences can revisit Ruth’s journey from beginning to fatal end.

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