Paradise Killer Heads to PS5, Xbox Series With New Content on March 16

Paradise Killer Heads to PS5, Xbox Series With New Content on March 16

Paradise Killer, a serious contender for my 2020 game of the year and favorite murder mystery ever, is headed to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on March 16, along with versions for last gen’s PS4 and Xbox One. Publisher Fellow Traveller and developer Kaizen Game Works also revealed additional content coming to all platforms, including the original PC and Switch releases.

The open-world mystery launched two years ago, but I’m ready to swoon over a bunch of weirdly hot, and possibly murderous, demon-god-alien types all over again. Paradise Killer’s upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions launch with snazzy new visuals at 60 fps, ray tracing, and a few extra console-specific features like Xbox Smart Delivery and a day/night lightbar cycle on PS5. I was fine with how it looked on Steam before, but yes, I’ll show up for Lady Love Dies again here.

Paradise Killer’s extra content on PC and all consoles includes new characters, quests, music, and collectibles. Players on Steam will also see achievement support, along with a few performance upgrades, while the Epic Game Store adds the new version to its library on the same day.

Some of that aforementioned new content includes the compilation album About That… Paradise Killer B-Sides, a 12-track collection with vocal arrangements, remixes, and bonus tracks. According to Kaizen, some of those songs will play in the additional content. Even if you remove all of the philosophical musings, wicked art style, and incredible writing, I reckon the soundtrack would still make it worth the price alone.

Two years ago, I was absolutely smitten with the Kaizen Game Works murder mystery, and it remains an all-time favorite to this day. In Paradise Killer, you’re “Investigation Freak” Lady Love Dies, an exiled genius tasked with the most dangerous game of Clue plus an added, heavy dose of philosophy. Paradise, the island Lady Love Dies explores, is perpetually doomed in an ugly cycle of death, deities, and demons. In pursuit of utopia, the system continues, and just before the whole thing can repeat, someone murders its ruling Council. Then the whole Paradise Killer name appropriately comes into play.

While I still struggled, Paradise Killer was one of my first (and only) encounters with a game that cared to try and extensively address problems with first-person perspectives and motion sickness—it’s got a special place in my heart just for that. Despite my woes with the dizzying effects, I still managed with some of those adjusted settings, and it holds a beloved spot amongst my favorite stories for many of the same reasons Fanbyte’s Natalie Flores articulated on its style, substance, mystery, and philosophy. It’s well worth the short playtime if you can spare it through this year’s busy lineup.

Author: Deann Hawkins