Phasmophobia Update Notes Bring the Thrill Back to Identifying New Ghosts

Phasmophobia Update Notes Bring the Thrill Back to Identifying New Ghosts

In an update to tide players over until Custom Difficulty launches, Kinetic Games just made the Phasmophobia voice recognition system a little better – plus added three new ghosts to the mix. The trio of spirits adds a little more thrill than normal, as the Phas devs have opted to share a barebones version of the patch notes that has the community on the hunt for new evidence.

To make your first encounters with Phasmophobia’s new ghosts more terrifying, Kinetic says it’s only sharing the slimmest of details on the version changes with a new approach it’s calling The Investigation Period. The patch notes, shared via Steam, promise a more detailed account of everything just added after a two-week wait. The hope is this change “will bring back the original investigator feeling and allow players to work together.” And it seems like their strategy is doing exactly that.

As usual, the new Phasmophobia Deogen, Moroi, and Thaye all have abilities, traits, and secrets to uncover, but now the community is forced to put their heads together. Over on the Phasmophobia subreddit, there’s entire threads dedicated to figuring out the special characteristics of the new haunt, Deogen. We’re gonna go ahead and warn you about Phasmophobia update spoilers ahead, and share a few community musings.

In one Reddit thread, some players suggest the Deogen has a stamina system, kind of like the one your character uses. They’re incredibly slow to start, but speed up to a frightening pace at times, and no one can quite seem to agree on what triggers this. The leading theory was that breaking line of sight makes the thing gain a boost, but that’s dropped in favor of assuming it’s something distance-based.

The Deogen also has a spooky set of sounds Phasmophobia players have never heard before, like a heavy breathing effect (via Shuee 01), and an unnerving moan when it hunts. In Discord, more investigators have confirmed that the Deogen Journal entry’s vague description means it can always find you no matter how discreet you’ve been. So, don’t hide when it comes out to play, just keep hauling ass.

The Phasmophobia update adds new ghosts to the investigation, including the Deogen, ahead of new Custom Difficulty changes.

All of those new bits are certainly the stand-out changes, but it’s worth mentioning this latest update also overhauls the Phasmophobia voice recognition system. Kinetic is no longer using the Windows voice functionality, so investigations are now available in more languages and platforms (including GeForce Now and the Steam Deck). There are also small QOL tweaks, like noise suppression and sensitivity settings — perhaps I will no longer die because my neighbor’s dog is barking in the distance.

As for the smaller things, those of you intimately familiar with sitting in the truck may be happy to hear it’s gotten a facelift. Your trusty mobile base now has a few new models, layout, and reworked equipment wall. Kinetic also plans on adding more to this with its upcoming Custom Difficulty update.

Some of the game’s more annoying bugs, like the broken audio upon tabbing out, have also been remedied. The Maple Lodge gets a little more interesting, too, as the campfire has an impact on your thermometer, expanding upon some of those more subtle mechanics we’ve seen with the once overpowered piece of equipment.

The roadmap for Phasmophobia updates includes plenty more for this year, but if you need something else to hold you over, try checking out our list of games like Phasmophobia.

Author: Deann Hawkins