Phasmophobia Update Teases New Ghosts and Map Makeovers

Phasmophobia Update Teases New Ghosts and Map Makeovers

Once again, it looks like Phasmophobia is expanding its roster of haunts soon. In a series of developer previews, Kinetic Games has teased its plans for new ghosts in an upcoming patch and, as usual, the Phas community is already investigating a list of likely suspects⁠.

In update plans shared via Steam, Kinetic teased blurry journal entries for two new ghost types and stirred its Discord community into action. The consensus on that first post points to the Moroi, a creature in Romanian folklore you may already be familiar with as a type of vampire. It makes sense, considering the legible journal text mentions the new ghost suffers from hyperosmia — so, Moroi hate a strong smell. I reckon that means we’ll need to pack an extra smudge stick to ward the new ghosties off or, alternatively, add a Bath and Body Works map for me to hide in.

Phasmophobia's teaser image, which appears to read, "Moroi have risen from the grave to drain energy from the living. They have been known to place curses on their victims, curable only by antidotes or moving far away. "

Phasmophobia‘s second blurry image is just as hard to read, but I’d have to agree with community sentiment; the text looks like it says “Deogen.” I’m like, 99% confident that first line reads, “Sometimes surrounded by an endless fog, Deogen have been eluding ghost hunters for years.”

The rest of the description is quite smudged, but it seems Deogen (or whatever this is) targets players with draining sanity and further “stalks them into exhaustion.” It also can “constantly sense the living,” a line accompanied by a warning, “You can run but you can’t hide.” That’s enough to count me out.

A blurry Phasmophobia teaser, which appears to read, "Deogen - sometimes surrounded by an endless fog. Deogen have been eluding ghost hunters for years."

While the Phas expands its list of terrors, there’s plenty of quality of life changes and map reworks on the horizon, too. Phasmophobia‘s notoriously large and terrifying map, the Asylum, is scheduled for a complete rebuild “from the ground up” as Sunny Meadows. Kinetic says the changes scale it down a bit, but it’s getting a little more ‘personality’ in return. Before, rooms across the map were hard to discern from each other, and it sounds like the update fixes that with distinct areas in a new kitchen, yard, morgue, and hospital wing.

Reworked player systems have also been an ongoing project from Kinetic, and the new blog previews detail the studio’s work on player reporting systems, ID cards, and custom difficulty settings. All of these changes are coming via the main menu, so dig around next time you notice a UI change. Whenever we get the Progression Update, Phasmophobia should see new investigation bonuses and the ability to customize your encounters with the paranormal through those expanded difficulty options.

Last year, Kinetic Games went from a one-person studio and added two new devs, with another artist announced in their preview updates. It’s a change that sounds like it paid off, as Kinetic plans to speed up its update cycle and work on frightening new locales “alongside other content.” It’s great to see, as Phasmophobia remains a personal favorite (even if I do spend most investigations in the truck) and one I always find my way back to somehow.

Author: Deann Hawkins