Poinpy: Getting Started (Tips, Hints, & Strategies)

Poinpy: Getting Started (Tips, Hints, & Strategies)

Despite its cute and colorful aesthetic, Netflix’s mobile platformer Poinpy has some truly challenging platforming gameplay that’s sure to have players looking for tips and hints to get through their first few runs. Announced during Netflix Geeked Week 2022 as part of the streaming giant’s latest foray into video games, Poinpy was developed for mobile as the latest project from Ojiro Fumoto, designer of Downwell.

Poinpy follows a tiny little creature named Poinpy who’s on a never-ending chase, fleeing from a giant blue monster with a voracious appetite at the bottom of your phone screen. The player must guide Poinpy through the game’s levels, jumping through the air to catch fruit and then doing ground slams to crush collected fruit into juice, the only thing that can sate the blue monster’s appetite. With its bright colors, simple, drawn art style, and surprisingly challenging gameplay, Poinpy is the latest standout offering from Netflix’s ever-growing library of video games.


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However, players are likely to find their first few runs in Poinpy to be particularly challenging as they get to grips with the game’s mechanics. Here are some tips, hints, and strategies that might be useful for players getting started in Poinpy.

Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

Poinpy Planning a Jump

Poinpy’s areas are packed full of things to keep an eye out for, including jars that can be ground-slammed for items or a quick boost, or hazards such as monsters. It can be easy to become focused only on collecting fruits quickly and efficiently to complete Juice Recipes for the monster before time runs out.

However, focusing only on collecting fruits can mean not spotting dangerous monsters until it’s too late and missing jars. Luckily, Poinpy is ad-free even as Netflix reportedly plans a cheaper subscription with ads for its main service, so at least players won’t be distracted by ads. It’s recommended that players keep one eye on the screen directly above Poinpy and plan their jumps a few steps ahead of time so they can navigate past monsters safely to collect the fruits they need.

Be Careful Of Monsters (But Don’t Always Avoid Them)

Poinpy Staying Clear of A Monster

In Poinpy, hitting any monster from the bottom or the side will cause Poinpy to lose a heart. Players don’t start off with many hearts so initially, it might seem like a good idea to avoid monsters. However, while players should definitely avoid hitting monsters from below, hitting monsters from above can actually be useful. Poinpy’s monsters arguably pale in comparison to much scarier creatures, such as those featured in Stranger Things 3 on the Netflix Games service, but they can do their fair share of damage and end runs if players don’t keep an eye out for them.

Poinpy can run out of jumps, adding to Poinpy’s difficulty. However, by ground-slamming monsters from above, Poinpy can get a boost up. For players out of jumps, this boost is often enough to find a breakable jar for another boost or to grab that last fruit for their current Jump Recipe. With well-timed jumps, players can actually make use of monsters to continue their runs.

Follow Juice Recipes, But Always Grab More Fruit If You Can

Poinpy collecting fruit by jumping in Poinpy

Players progress in Poinpy by collecting the right fruits to complete Juice Recipes at the top of the screen. Collecting the right fruits is important, but players also get bonus points for collecting extra fruit on top of what Juice Recipes require. This means a run through Poinpy can quickly become chaotic, with players racking up high scores, arguably making the game stand out from other, slower games on the Netflix service.

It’s recommended that players try to collect more than what’s needed. Bonus points help the player progress towards unlocking new areas and also allow the player to rank up quicker and unlock useful rewards including extra jumps.

Grab As Many Seeds As Possible

Poinpy Jumping For Special Fruit

Fruits with glowing yellow outlines appear frequently. Once these special fruits are grabbed and the player completes the current Juice Recipe, they will receive Seeds. Seeds can be spent on perks for Poinpy at a special vending machine, so players should prioritize grabbing special fruits wherever possible.

The location of this vending machine isn’t immediately obvious, but all players have to do is jump Poinpy to the left of the opening screen to find a room with the vending machine. Perks are an unusual addition to a platformer, but Netflix’s adoption of experimental game development has already produced an eclectic bunch of games with unusual mechanics. With enough Seeds, the vending machine can be activated by ground-slamming the lever, allowing the player to choose from a selection of useful perks, such as Snail Clock, which stops time while the player aims a jump.

Experiment With Perks

Perks menu in Netflix Poinpy

Poinpy can unlock new perk slots by ranking up, and the game offers perks with different effects. Perks might give Poinpy passive abilities such as bouncing off monsters at an angle following ground slams or invulnerability on their last jump. While it’s platforming skills that keep players ahead of the monster, perks are still incredibly useful, and players are encouraged to experiment to discover what helps them stay ahead of the monster. Perks can be swapped in and out in a menu accessed by tapping the cube on the bottom left of the screen.

With games like Poinpy and the recently announced Shadow and Bone: Destinies game, it’s clear that Netflix is keen to establish a permanent presence in the video games market. Poinpy itself is sure to surprise more than a few players with its challenging platform and imaginative mechanics. For them, one final tip is just to keep playing. Points earned from each run accumulate and allow the player to progress and rank up, unlocking Seeds, Jump Orbs, and perk slots. While Poinpy will still prove challenging, all of these things can help the player get further and further through Poinpy’s different areas.

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Poinpy is available on iOS and Android via the Netflix app.

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