Pokémon Fans Can Make Their Own Games With New RPG Program

Pokémon Fans Can Make Their Own Games With New RPG Program

A new RPG maker will allow players easily and quickly build games similar to the retro Pokémon titles, and it is currently live on Kickstarter.

The original Pokémon games hold a special place in the hearts of many older gamers, and soon these fans may be able to build their own Pokémon-inspired adventures. Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow were some of the most notable RPG adventure games in the late 1990s and set the foundations for the two-decade-long success of the series. Many fans have tried to mimic the mechanics of the Pokémon titles with similar monster catching and battling gameplay, but an upcoming RPG maker could help make the process easier to achieve.

The Pokémon series is known for its satisfying blend of narrative, exploration, and collecting. Players travel across each game’s featured region battling Gym Leaders and antagonist team members while raising a team of six evolving monsters, with a goal to spot and capture one of every Pokémon available in the game. The Pokémon game series has kept each new iteration of the series interesting by adding new twists to the basic plotline while updating graphics and multiplayer support to better appeal to modern audiences.


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However, fans of the classic, pixelated graphics and retro gameplay of the original Pokémon games may have a chance to create personal projects similar to the series thanks to a new RPG maker called Monster Tamer Maker. According to a Twitter post shared by Yanako rpgs (Via pcgamesn), Monster Tamer Maker is now available to back on Kickstarter, and is described as a “monster tamer maker”. The visuals shown on the Kickstarter are similar to the classic pixelated graphics of the early Pokémon games, with characters, buildings, and colors all matching content seen in Generations One and Two of the Pokémon series.

Monster Tamer Maker will allow players to build their own Pokémon-themed monsters, create unique monster stats, customize turn-based battle systems, and alter the colors of assets available in the base RPG maker. Gamers will also be able to upload their own assets to use while working on projects, allowing a wide range of customizable options to use while building. Additionally, gamers will be able to use the game Dokimon as a reference, with assets, creatures, and mechanics acting as examples for those interested in creating their own project through the RPG maker, but who may be new to game development and maker engines.

While the older graphics and gameplay could be a draw for long-term Pokémon players, fans of more recent games like Pokémon Sword and Shield or Pokémon Legends: Arceus may be less interested in the new Monster Tamer Maker engine. Despite this, gamers who are thinking about building a monster-catching game may want to keep an eye on the RPG maker as it continues to go through Kickstarter and further development, as it might offer the chance to build a truly customized, Pokémon-inspired adventure.

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Source: Yanako_rpgs/Twitter (Via pcgamesn)

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