Pokémon Scarlet’s Professor Sada Already Featured In Gorgeous Cosplay

Pokémon Scarlet's Professor Sada Already Featured In Gorgeous Cosplay

A fast-working Pokémon fan has now created a gorgeous cosplay of Pokémon Scarlet’s Professor Sada, barely a week after Sada’s official reveal.

A fast-working fan has put together an impressive cosplay of Pokémon Scarlet’s Professor Sada just days after the new character’s official reveal. Sada, along with her Pokémon Violet counterpart Professor Turo, were announced during Scarlet and Violet’s second trailer, which also confirmed a November release date for the games.

One of the most prominent figures in any Pokémon game, alongside Gym Leaders and the Champion, is the regional Professor. It is the Professor who typically supplies new Trainers with their Starter Pokémon and Pokédex, and who provides a brief introduction for newcomers to the series in a game’s opening moments. Scarlet and Violet’s two new Professors break the mold in more ways than one. Interestingly, this marks the first time that the regional Professor is different between a new Generation’s different game versions. In addition to this, some fans have noted that Sada and Turo’s names refer to the Spanish words for “past” and “future” respectively. While the Pokémon Professors’ designs build upon the time-related themes that appear to have been developed for Scarlet and Violet, this also breaks the main Pokémon series’ long tradition of having the regional Professor be named for a species of tree; Oak, Birch, and so on.


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Now a cosplayer by the name of simrell has brought Pokémon Scarlet’s Professor Sada and her primeval aesthetic to life. Completed over the course of just a few days, Sada’s look is very evocative of ancient times, resembling a modern-day cavewoman, and simrell has been able to replicate it extremely well. The outfit includes orange fur, a matching necklace and belt strung with teeth, and even long, sharp canines – an easily-missed detail. The inclusion of such subtle design details is a first for Pokémon games, but this has clearly not escaped simrell. More from the creator can be found via their Twitter, simrell.

One of the most impressive aspects of this Pokémon Scarlet cosplay is the speed at which simrell completed it. On June 1, simrell asked fans on Twitter if they would like to see a cosplay of Professor Sada; the same day that Sada was revealed in the latest trailer. By June 5, simrell had nearly completed the entire ensemble, noting in an update tweet that there was just the wig styling and shoes to complete before the finished cosplay was shown on June 7. This means that the entire cosplay took just under a week to create. Even when considering that Pokémon characters can make for quite simple cosplays, this is still an incredible speed.

In terms of both speed and accuracy, simrell’s skill as a cosplayer is definitely exemplified in this new Pokémon Scarlet cosplay. The rendition of Professor Sada is extremely close to the official design, as all good cosplays should be. The reversed toggles are the only visible major discrepancy, and this may well simply be a limitation due to available materials; if simrell was only able to source a lab coat that fastened in the opposite direction, then it simply cannot be helped. And that detail aside, the toggles, which again appear to be made from sharp teeth, have still been perfectly recreated in the cosplay. The look is yet another example of an impressive Pokémon cosplay, and is definitely a work that any Pokémon Scarlet and Violet fan would be proud of.

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Sources: simrell/Reddit, simrell/Twitter

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