Post Malone Spent $800k On Rare Magic: The Gathering Card

Post Malone Spent $800k On Rare Magic: The Gathering Card

Rapper Post Malone has revealed he owns what’s thought to be the most expensive Magic: The Gathering Card, costing an eye-watering $800,000.

Post Malone has revealed he spent $800,000 on one of Magic: The Gathering’s most expensive cards, and the purchase seems to have made it the most expensive card in the game’s history. As the popular trading card game has been around since 1993, plenty of cards released in the early days of Magic’s decades-old library would command high value today. In fact, there are already some expensive cards in Magic’s Streets of New Capenna set which only released last April.

Magic: The Gathering has found its way into millions of households and the secondhand market for Magic cards is a thriving one. Being able to afford them, on the other hand, is another matter entirely, as the price of cards can swing from mere cents to thousands of dollars. However, many fans will attest that there are few Magic cards as expensive as the Black Lotus. Appearing in Magic’s Alpha release, the Black Lotus was a powerful card that has become somewhat of a meme among fans for its rarity and selling price that often commands, at minimum, a few thousand dollars; and with Black Lotus under Magic’s Reserved List – a policy enacted by publisher Wizards of the Coast to preserve the value of cards on the secondary market- it will never be reprinted again and thus, more easily maintains its high value.


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Appearing on The Howard Stern Show (via TheGamer), American rap star Post Malone revealed he paid $800,000 for the infamous Black Lotus Magic: The Gathering card. Discussing his newest album on the show, the topic of Malone’s hobbies outside of his music career came up, and when asked about his most expensive MtG purchase, Malone confessed that he spent $800,000 on “an artist print, Chris Rush-signed Black Lotus.” As Christopher Rush was the artist who brought the Black Lotus to life, his signed name upon the already lucrative card would make that outrageous price tag appropriate. The card is now thought to be the most expensive sold in MtG’s history.

It’s no secret that Post Malone is incredibly passionate about Magic: The Gathering. Wizards of the Coast reached out to Malone to collaborate on restoring its famous global play program Friday Night Magic after its tentative public suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Malone also guest-starred on multiple Magic-themed episodes of the YouTube gaming show, Game Knights, and has often streamed himself on Twitch playing a variety of games. He’s also equally passionate about Pokémon, as Post Malone headlined Pokémon’s 25th Anniversary virtual concert last February. With this kind of passion, a feat such as spending almost a million dollars on a single card doesn’t seem so surprising.

When fans are passionate about a franchise, they find many ways to show their appreciation for it. Some make amazing cosplays, others create beautiful works of art, and others buy a rare piece of its history for a whole lot of money. If the old saying is true that love makes one do unexpected things, then Post Malone must really love Magic: The Gathering.

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Source: The Howard Stern Show/YouTube (via TheGamer)

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