Research Lab Locations (Search and Deploy Event)

Research Lab Locations (Search and Deploy Event)

Warzone season 2 features Chemical Research Labs that can contain some top-tier loot. There are seven different locations scattered around the map.

The Research Labs in Warzone season 2 contain tons of top-tier loot that can help players win the day, but first they’ll need to know their locations. It’s common for Warzone players to be treated to new content as the season progresses. This time around, new Chemical Weapon Research Labs have begun to spawn around the map and it’s important to know where they are since they will likely only be available for the Search and Deploy event. Players are tasked with uncovering the secrets behind the Nebula V gas that can be found in the deep underground of these facilities.

The Research Labs in Warzone will be heavily guarded by enemy AI that will shoot once they notice the player. Not only that, but since this is a special event, these Chemical Weapon Research Labs are going to be littered with enemy players. It’s important to prepare with the best weapons in Warzone and full armor before heading to these locations. Outside of being a new area to explore, there’s a chance that the loot can contain golden items or killstreaks. It’s beneficial to visit one of these locations during a battle royale match.


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There are seven different Chemical Research Labs for Warzone players to find. They are represented by large yellow circles on the map so make sure to mark them before jumping out of the plane. Fortunately, these are all in Named Locations, making it easier to get loot and armor. Although, as mentioned, it’s important to be wary when landing since there’s a high chance of running into another player.

Every Research Lab Location in Warzone (Search and Deploy)

Warzone Reseach Lab Locations Search and Deploy

These are the locations of each lab in Warzone. Keep an eye out for an open hatch on the ground.

C6: This one can be found inside of Lagoon to the north of the crash site.D3: This one can be found in the Mines nearby a bulldozer.E8: This one can be found in the Power Plant. There will be a waterfall with the hatch hidden behind it.F1: This one can be found in the Docks in the Industrial Docks area.F5: This one can be found in the Fields nearby two blue buildings.H7: This one can be found in the Resort by the yellow clocktower.I2: This one can be found on the Runway nearby the military bunker.

Each one will be heavily guarded with AI enemies and potential players. After getting inside and taking everyone out, grab the loot as quickly as possible. Since there’s only one other exit in the room, it’s likely to get stuck in this location. Grab what the team will need and quickly escape before another team makes an appearance. Hopefully, the loot can contain something that will help win the Warzone battle royale.

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Warzone is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

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