Resident Evil: 10 Memes That Sum Up The Franchise

Resident Evil: 10 Memes That Sum Up The Franchise

For better or worse, the Resident Evil franchise always manages to remain relevant. It is a franchise that lives by the axiom that all publicity is good publicity. Capcom, despite mixed reviews, has managed to keep fans on the edge of their seats for decades.

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Thus, the most recent film adaptations’ lackluster performance was not enough to keep fans of the series from losing hope in the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake. In honor of the hype, it’s important to remember the only other aspect of this IP to age as well as its fourth legendary installment, the classic memes.


“You Were Almost A Jill Sandwich.”

A meme about Resident Evil

Spoken by fellow S.T.A.R.S member, Barry Burton, moments after Jill Valentine was nearly crushed by a slowly descending ceiling, the line has been immortalized as one of the most hilarious Resident Evil memes ever. Only one of several examples of humorously bad English translations throughout the first few games, the line does have a bizarre way of summing up the clashing tones of Resident Evil which fans have come to love and expect.

One moment Jill is banging against a locked door and seemingly moments from a brutal death, the next her partner is making an awkwardly good-humored remark about it. It’s the type of tonal clash which could only fly in a Resident Evil game.

Lady Dimitrescu, “Lady D”

A Resident Evil meme

One of the most recent additions to the franchise, Lady Dimitrescu made a BIG impression on fans before the game even launched.

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While in retrospect her role in Resident Evil Village wasn’t as integral as many believed, her impact on the fanbase far exceeded any of the game’s other new additions. While the memes surrounding Lady D span anywhere from goofy and nonsensical to downright vulgar, her popularity, and the popularity of the memes surrounding her, showed that the series’ fan base was just as active as ever.

X Gon’ Give It To Ya

A Resident Evil meme

Coming off the heels of Resident Evil 7, the 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2 did a lot to show that the series’ revitalization was not just a fluke. Making waves for a myriad of reasons, it was perhaps the reintroduction of one of Resident Evil’s scariest villains, Mr. X, that was most memorable.

While perhaps a case of low-hanging fruit, this meme was spawned by a mod that plays DMX’s popular 2002 hit every time Mr. X appears. It was a simple but extremely versatile joke, ultimately proving to be yet another example of how Resident Evil fans can seemingly make anything about the games even more entertaining.

Chris Redfield

A meme about Resident Evil's Chris Redfield

No, that’s not a typo. Chris Redfield is, himself, a meme. Whether it be dawning a new face and physique in every installment, delivering awkward lines, or punching a boulder until it shakes free, Chris has embodied some of the strangest and most camp moments in all of Resident Evil.

However, the character remains among the most popular in the series, even having some of the best quotes in the Resident Evil franchise. This only affirms that what fans really love about Resident Evil is not just its compelling plots or iconic characters, but its ability to never take itself too seriously.

The Dog… Fans Know The One

A Resident Evil dog meme

Only Resident Evil 4 could supply players the opportunity to free an ordinary dog from a bear trap and then have the payoff be that said dog aids in a boss fight against a giant ogre. It’s this type of illogical yet brilliant outcome that marks when the games are at their best.

Needless to say, fans have immortalized this moment by producing an endless stream of memes dedicated to the dog’s uncanny ability to arrive just in time and aid players against the monster. Not to mention that. for a dog who couldn’t shake free from a bear trap, it sure came in handy for giant-slaying.

No, Thank You.

A meme about Resident Evil

“Heh, Heh, Heh! Thank you!” are words that will live on in the hearts of RE fans until the series finally ends – or inevitably reboots again. Spoken, of course, by the shopkeeper from Resident Evil 4, it is one of only a few spoken lines the character has, and yet he has become almost as iconic as any other character from the game.

This is a meme that doesn’t just succeed in being funny but also serves as a reminder of the love and care that went into the games. Even aspects of RE that could be boring or mundane, such as an in-game shop, are enhanced.

For Your Safety…

A Resident Evil meme

Playing with broken mechanics in any videogame is fun, but there is something extra appealing about abusing the AI programming in Resident Evil. Safe Rooms are a staple of every survival horror game, and in RE they often lead to as many laughs as thrills, which is why the memes surrounding them are so good.

Watching formerly terrifying enemies chase you relentlessly until they reach that one specific door that they can’t enter is comedy gold. It’s also a great commentary on the series as a whole that this has been a running gag all the way from Resident Evil 1 to Village. Other games use deliberate level design or tweak AI tracking, but not RE.

Leon and Ashley

A meme about Resident Evil

Thanks to gripping cutscenes and tense action, the Resident Evil games are often given a pass when it comes to their convoluted plots. Resident Evil 4 is no exception. When the president’s daughter is kidnapped the U.S. government makes sure to send out every available resource. Except their only available resource was one former cop from Raccoon City, apparently. Badass or not, it’s clear that the writers didn’t care to let logic get in the way of Leon’s solo mission.

This illogical premise, as well as the sheer irritation of protecting one of the worst sidekicks in the Resident Evil franchise, has spawned numerous great memes. Demonstrating that even the negative aspects of the games have an inescapable charm to them.

Ethan Winters Getting Hurt… Bad

A meme about Resident Evil

Resident Evil 7 introduced a new protagonist to the series as well as a new art style and gameplay. While these changes refreshed the games, many weren’t sure how they felt about the protagonist, Ethan Winters. Clearly, the franchise was going for a more grounded main character as opposed to the action-movie vibes of Chris, Leon, Jill, or Claire. However, as grounded and vulnerable as they presented Ethan, the sort of punishment he survives borders on the comical.

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Countless memes address the elevated absurdity of an ordinary man like Ethan Winters surviving multiple dismemberments and still managing to vanquish the giant evil monsters. It shows that, despite their best efforts, even when trying to present a more grounded take on the series, Resident Evil just can’t help itself.

Master Of Memes

A Resident Evil meme

The early Resident Evil games were plagued with poor voice acting, terrible English translations, brutal character interactions, and yet somehow it worked. Jill Valentine being presented as “The Master of Unlocking” is without a doubt the most enduring meme of the entire franchise. While hilarious on its own, the fanbase has managed to keep the joke fresh over the years, which clearly mirrors the series itself.

The meme is the product of a terrible line from the first game, a game that managed to succeed in spite of all its glaring flaws. Moreover, the series which managed to be popular against all odds has now managed to revive itself yet again. The enduring legacy of this meme is a direct reflection of Resident Evil’s own profound staying power.

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