Robert Pattinson Secretly Replies To The Batman Trolls On Fan Forums

Robert Pattinson Secretly Replies To The Batman Trolls On Fan Forums

Robert Pattinson admits he dives deep on Matt Reeves’ The Batman fan forums, both to defend his version of Bruce Wayne and to inform his performance.

Robert Pattinson reveals he secretly goes into The Batman fan forums to anonymously defend himself. The movie featuring the latest incarnation of Gotham’s hero, coming out this week in theaters, is helmed by director Matt Reeves, who previously worked on the Planet of the Apes franchise. Warner Bros. gave Reeves the creative control to create his gritty vision, which stands apart from Justice League and the other DCEU releases.

The Batman takes place just two years into Bruce Wayne’s vigilante career, and Pattinson’s Batman will be facing the Riddler (Paul Dano), who the trailers show to be the movie’s primary villain. The younger Wayne is accompanied by a younger Alfred (Andy Serkis), will interact with Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz), and looks to have a close working relationship with a not-yet-commissioner James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright). Colin Farrell will also be joining as Penguin. Reeves is delivering a return to Gotham in detail, focusing on Batman as the World’s Greatest Detective. So far, The Batman reviews are very positive, showing Reeves’ take on the DC hero was a good one, but the movie has yet to receive the official stamp of approval from an often demanding fanbase.


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In a Vanity Fair video interview, Pattinson admits that he uses fan forums to inform his understanding of the character, and sometimes even replies anonymously to defend himself. While he’s appreciative of how the theories help inform his process, he admits that his attempts at self-defense aren’t very persuasive, and are mostly just sulking. His co-stars get a kick out of his admission, with Kravitz joking that any small, sad comments on the forums are probably Pattinson’s. Check out his quote below:

It’s actually very… I’m just reading these again and it’s extremely helpful to have these fan theories. I used to look at a lot of the forum stuff and it actually really did inform my character a lot. Still look at it nowadays… I generally lurk. Sometimes I just get pushed a little far and I have to respond something. So, when sometimes you just see a quite abstract message going like, ‘Just please, just leave me alone,’ that’s me [laughs]. ‘Stop picking faults. I’m doing my best.’ [laughs].

Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne in The Batman

In the video, Pattinson, Dano, Kravitz and Wright dissect a range of fan theories, ranging from fascinating to ridiculous – among the latter is one fan pointing out that, based on their timeline math, the Wayne family was watching the Scooby-Doo movie on the night of their murder. On the more serious side, some The Batman fan theories intrigued the actors, maybe even hitting the mark on what the movie has in store. One recurring suggestion was that the Wayne family has a scandalous or troubling legacy that was hidden from Bruce his whole life. Another even posits that Thomas and Martha Wayne were members of the Court of Owls, a criminal cabal of wealthy Gothamites. Given that both Pattinson and Dano have suggested them as potential The Batman 2 villains, the theory could be right on the money.

Pattinson seems to have a particular appreciation for the endless detective work and theorizing that takes place in fan forums, though they are not his only source of inspiration. While he has said Reeves told him to model his performance after Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, he also used Michael Giacchino’s The Batman score to help develop his character. Even if they only play a small part, however, the idea that the actor actually playing the Caped Crusader is closely reading their comments might make some fans regret having casually bemoaned his casting online.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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