Russian Doll: 10 Best Nadia Vulvokov Quotes

Russian Doll: 10 Best Nadia Vulvokov Quotes

Russian Doll is a quirky comedy-drama starring and co-created by Natasha Lyonne. It follows the journey of Nadia, who is celebrating her 36th birthday at a party in New York when she gets caught in a time loop. While the premise has echoes of Groundhog Day, the Netflix Original Series is far less wholesome than the Bill Murray comedy.

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Nadia is a chain-smoking, foul-mouthed protagonist who has a lot of opinions and isn’t afraid to voice them. The show is equal parts thought-provoking, engaging, and amusing. Some of Nadia Vulvokov’s best quotes will make audiences laugh over and over, especially her more profane and absurd ones.


Updated on April 22nd, 2022, by Hannah Saab: With the recent release of the mind-bending second season of Russian Doll, fans are likely quoting Nadia’s most iconic lines from earlier episodes. Over the past three years, these have rightly become unforgettable memes, in large part thanks to how relatable her character is. As viewers pick their favorite quotes from season 2, it’s the best time to remember the protagonist’s best lines from season 1.

“Life Is Like A Box Of Timelines.”

Russian Doll's Nadia

When Nadia encounters a grumpy old man outside Alan’s building, they have a fascinating conversation (at least for the protagonist). He recounts a sad story about his wife’s death before urging Nadia to stop smoking, to which she responds with a humorous line that only applies to her situation.

Nadia’s take on the famous Forrest Gump quote is great because it twists the phrase on its head and applies it to her reality. When fans hear the start of the sentence, it’s so well known that one’s brain fills out the rest. What’s more, it’s a line that perfectly captures part of Nadia’s personality, as she’s always making smart jokes on the show.

“Hello. Uh, More Drunk, Please.”

Russian Doll Nadia By Glass Door

When she realizes the universe is messing with her, Nadia is overwhelmed and confused and just wants to make everything go away. Naturally, she heads to a bar but can’t even make a choice – she just feels that need to feel the world start to float away. It’s not the best choice, but it’s a choice that is real and understandable.

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Fans may spot a callback to this moment in season 2 where, after she realizes she’s in a different time period, she goes to the nearest bar and proceeds to drink while predicting a stranger’s future. When everything is spiraling out of control, “more drunk” is Nadia’s bandaid solution.

“Staring Down The Barrel Of My Own Mortality Always Beats Fun.”

Natasha Lyonne and Greta Lee in Russian Doll

When Nadia is trying to describe her birthday mood, she comes up with a morbid joke about “staring down the barrel” of her “own mortality,” which understandably upsets the likable Maxine. It’s ironic that she doesn’t yet realize that she’ll be facing her own mortality again and again very soon once she slips into the time loop.

The iconic line applies to the wacky time travel that happens in the second season, too. Instead of just staring at her own mortality, she takes a trip to the past and into the minds of her mother and grandmother, who help her resolve her inner conflicts.

“The Universe Is Trying To F**k With Me, And I Refuse To Engage.”

Nadia sitting in Russian Doll.

Another great summary of Nadia’s personality is her quote about “the universe trying to f**k with,” as it shows her feisty attitude as she begins to enter the time loops. As she delivers this line she starts yelling at the sky, as if telling the universe exactly what she thinks of how it’s treating her.

This is one of the angriest loops for Nadia, but her funny line is a brief moment of what feels like a total surrender to emotion. It’s powerful, amusing, and forceful all at once, as so many moments in the series are. Viewers will hear a reference to this in the second season, too, where she skips to the part where she gives up by saying, “when the universe fucks with you, let it.”

“Stay The F**k Away From Me! I’m Coming Down The Stairs!”

Russian Doll Nadia on the stairs

Nadia has met her end several times on the stairs, and there’s even a comical callback to this fact in season two. She now sees the staircase as a personal nemesis, something to be conquered. It’s the biggest and most immediate hurdle in her quest for answers. If she can just get down the stairs, then everything will be okay.

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Of course, she gives up more than once and just chooses to take the fire escape, dragging characters like Lizzy and Maxine who just believe her when she says the stairs will kill her. It’s a hilariously absurd situation for audiences, but likely a nerve-wracking one for poor Nadia, who just wants to make it to the ground floor.

“Humanity… A Little Bit Overrated, No?”

Nadia holding a flask in Russian Doll.

Nadia’s line about humanity being “a little bit overrated” is delivered in the midst of an episode that brings everything to a head. The mystery of Alan’s first death is revealed, as well as the link between him and Nadia. She seeks out the person who gives her comfort and guidance in the twisted dark comedy that is her life in Russian Doll, Ruth.

Ruth helpfully points out that she has to make peace with her dead mother, which prompts the funny response that has become a meme. What this meme fails to capture is the context of her reply, as she continues by saying “other people are garbage,” even as Ruth urges her to “forgive them” – it’s that inability to forgive that is the source of a lot of Nadia’s problems.

“I Never Stick My Neck Out For Anybody, But I Feel Like F*****g Rocky Right Now.”

Russian Doll - Nadia and Alan

At the point in the story where she meets Beatrice for the first time, Nadia is confrontational and angry. The line about feeling “like f*****g Rocky” is a summary of how she and Alan have now grown closer, especially after the way she defended him.

She’s angry at his ex for treating him so badly, and it’s enough to make her fight for him. This is an indication of how far the relationship between the two has come and Nadia’s delivery of the line is perfection.

“It’s My Bad Attitude That Keeps Me Young.”

Natasha Lyonne in Russian Doll Netflix

One of Nadia’s most quoted lines which comes up again and again is the one about her “bad attitude that keeps” her “young.”  It’s uttered in the very first episode and sets the scene for everything to come.

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Fans know the protagonist has a terrible attitude, but it’s what makes her so relatable as well. Over the time loops, she’s forced to confront her own outlook on life. Her attitude gradually changes throughout the series, but in the first episode, her reaction to people calling her out on it prompts the witty and somewhat rude response.

“Well, This Little F*****g S**t Belongs To No One, But Yes, That’s My Cat.”

There are countless fan theories that revolve around Oatmeal, which is why it’s disappointing that he doesn’t make an appearance in the second season. He is the local deli cat, and Nadia feeds him and looks out for him.

Nadia regards him as hers and considers him a fellow survivor. She tells Maxine that he can withstand anything, much like she has to. The gut-busting revelation that Horse thinks he owns the cat too makes perfect sense, as Oatmeal is probably just using both of them for food and cuddles.

“Thursday. What A Concept.”

Nadia holding a cigarette in Russian Doll.

Just as fans would expect from someone like Nadia, she soon embraces the bizarre situation she’s stuck in and somehow makes it fun. When Maxine comments about how she started cooking her chicken last Thursday, Nadia replies with her most memorable line, which has arguably become the most popular meme from the show.

The protagonist puts it perfectly when she says how for her, “it’s never gonna be Thursday again.” At this moment, how dangerous and terrifying her situation is hasn’t dawned on her yet, and she’s still busy enjoying how “nothing is ever gonna change.”

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