Saints Row Boss Factory Character Creator Used To Build Morbius, Shaggy

Saints Row Boss Factory Character Creator Used To Build Morbius, Shaggy

Fans are already using the new Saints Row Boss Factory character creator to build memes, recreating the likes of Morbius, the Joker, and more.

Players are already using the new Saints Row Boss Factory character creator to create memes, designing the likes of Morbius, Joker, Shaggy, and more with expectedly terrifying results. Saints Ross Factory is a character creator standalone game where fans of the series can create their Boss for the upcoming Saint Row coming out in August. Players can create their characters and upload them online for other players to see, upvote, and download for their use.

The new Saints Row is a reboot of the series. It’s set in the fictional city of Santo Ileso, where the player must face three gangs that control the city. The premise is similar to the original Saints Row, but the location, gangs, and characters are entirely different. The last full game in the series was Saints Row IV, with a standalone game called Saints Row: Gat out of Hell. In these games, the Earth is destroyed, the player is sent into outer space, and later Hell itself. The reboot of Saints Row is set to pull back from the wackier storyline and tone and aims to have a more serious story like in the earlier entries of the Saint Row series.


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Saints Row Boss Factory just released, and fans are already using it to create familiar faces. Reddit user DeathStalker131 shared a selection of characters made by many different users across platforms that were uploaded online for other players to use. Most of the images show characters made popular through memes, like the Joker, Shaggy from Scooby-Doo and Marvel’s Morbius, all of whom look pretty jarring with their new looks. The post also includes Wallace from Wallace and Gromit, Rick from Rick and Morty, Ronald McDonald, Marge Simpson, Steve from Minecraft, Waluigi, and even Handsome Squidward. These and more can be made or downloaded from Boss Factory’s online library, so players can transfer the data and use it to play in the full Saints Row game.

This wide array of characters shows what is possible with Boss Factory. With new outfits and a more inclusive UI, this creator feels like an improvement over the one from Saints Row IV. As the library will grow over the next few months until Saint Row’s release, players who still want humor in their game will likely have a vast library of custom meme characters uploaded by other players to choose from. As Saints Row III and IV leaned more on the side of comedy, the fact that players could use funny designs for their Boss was very fitting. However, with the reboot leaning away from humor, playing through a more severe story about gang violence as Nigel Thornberry’s game recreation may be an interesting experience.

Whether Saints Row players want to make a character that fits the upcoming game’s more serious tone or go with the sillier feel of the previous ones, this character creator gives complete freedom to do either. In addition, players can save their favorite designs or use them as inspiration for their own creations later on. A free demo of Saints Row Boss Factory is available for download now on the Epic Games Store, PS4/PS5, and Xbox Series S/X.

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Source: DeathStalker131/Reddit

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