Sandra Bullock Doesn’t Think She Can Watch Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike 3

Sandra Bullock Doesn't Think She Can Watch Channing Tatum’s Magic Mike 3

The Lost City star Sandra Bullock doesn’t think she’ll be able to enjoy watching Magic Mike 3 after working so closely with Channing Tatum.

The Lost City star Sandra Bullock says she doesn’t think she’ll be able to watch Magic Mike 3 after working with Channing Tatum. Bullock and Tatum both star in the new action-adventure film, which tells the story of a romance author and her cover model who find themselves on a wild jungle adventure after an attempted kidnapping during the author’s latest book tour. The Lost City is helmed by Aaron and Adam Nee, and also features Daniel Radcliffe as the film’s villain. Since its theatrical release on March 25, The Lost City has seen relatively good reviews from critics and a strong showing at the box office.


While Tatum has had quite a successful career thus far, starring in many hit movies, he is perhaps best known for the Magic Mike series, which is loosely based on his own life. 2012’s Magic Mike, helmed by Ocean’s Eleven director Steven Soderbergh, follows a young man’s education and rise to success in the world of male strippers. Magic Mike was a huge success upon its release and was followed up by a sequel film, Magic Mike XXL, and a live show, Magic Mike Live, which was both created and directed by Tatum himself. A third and final installment to the series, Magic Mike’s Last Dance, is currently in production, with Soderbergh returning to the director’s chair. Currently, no release date for the film has been set.

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In a recent interview on Lorraine, Bullock admits that she isn’t sure she’ll be able to watch Magic Mike 3 when it comes out. While she says she’s a fan of both Magic Mike movies, she points out that, when she first saw them, Tatum was “someone else” to her. Now, however, Bullock says she knows Tatum “normally,” which will make it awkward to watch him strip in the film. She would love to see the Magic Mike Live performance, but only if Tatum himself does not make an appearance. See her full quote below:

You know what? I loved it. I loved it, a lot. And I loved the second one a lot. And I think, now that I know him, I don’t know if I’ll be comfortable watching it. It’s gonna be weird, because you were… someone else when I watched the movies, and now that I know him ‘normally,’ it’s gonna be… it’s gonna be odd watching you do that thing that you do.

The Lost City Leech Scene Channing Tatum Sandra Bullock

Admittedly, it’s not as if in seeing Magic Mike’s Last Dance, Bullock would be seeing anything she hasn’t seen before. Since its release, The Lost City’s leech scene, in which Bullock has to remove leeches from Tatum’s naked body, has become quite popular. The two actors have admitted that they had to film the scene relatively close to the beginning of shooting, and it certainly brought them closer together. With that said, it is perhaps this intimacy that will make viewing Magic Mike 3 awkward for Bullock from now on.

Of course, Bullock not watching Magic Mike’s Last Dance is not likely to make or break the film’s box-office success. Magic Mike has a huge following, and many fans are already champing at the bit to see the next film. However, Bullock has shown great love and support for Tatum since the making of The Lost City, and perhaps she will wind up seeing the movie after all. Even if she doesn’t, it is very likely that the actor will still be cheering him on from outside the theater. Of course, if she does not wish to see Magic Mike 3, Bullock can always turn on The Lost City to get her Tatum fix.

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