Scary Pokémon Bearbrick Looks Like Its From Five Nights at Pikachu’s

Scary Pokémon Bearbrick Looks Like Its From Five Nights at Pikachu's

The new Pikachu Bearbrick seems to be nightmare fuel for some fans, resembling the terrifying animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy’s.

The latest Bearbrick collectible features the likeness of the iconic Pokémon mascot Pikachu while simultaneously bringing to mind something one might find in the Five Nights at Freddy’s horror franchise. At the end of this month, the Pokémon Company will celebrate its 26th year of existence and mark the occasion with Pokémon Day on February 27.

When a brand becomes as widespread and recognizable as Pokémon, the amount of merchandise involving that particular intellectual property is ridiculous. Often times a brand this big expands into areas where it does not necessarily make sense in being there. Then there are instances where it was clear what the product designers had in mind, however for whatever reason it did not land as expected with consumers.


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The Pikachu Bearbrick seems to be falling into this unique category after its recent debut. Pokémon’s official Twitter account shared the announcement of the new collectible along with an image and a link to Pokémon Center where the Pikachu Bearbrick can be purchased for $20. The comments on the post, however, appear to indicate that fans are not particularly thrilled with the new product as some went as far as to say it is nightmare-inducing.

In some ways, this Pikachu collectible looks like the animatronics from the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, particularly when it comes to the design of the body. Meanwhile, the head is closer in shape to Mickey Mouse, something that one of the commenters pointed out in their quick assessment. The overall design appears pretty standard as far as Bearbricks are concerned, however, the only part of Pikachu that looks recognizable is just in the face.

Seeing Pokémon’s mouse-shaped mascot in a bizarre humanoid form where only the face and not the full head is recognizable is strange. In theory, this seems like it would have been a straightforward idea. Instead, it feels off just enough where it falls more in line with the fun-land terror Five Night’s at Freddy’s is so famous for. Like most other Pokémon products the Bearbrick Pikachu will likely sell, however it may not do as well as those who made it are hoping. Luckily fans of pocket monsters have a lot to look forward to as Pokémon Day draws near. With daily announcements for existing games happening every day leading up to February 27, fans disturbed by the new collectible can easily ignore this bit of nightmare fuel for the foreseeable.

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Source: Pokémon/Twitter, Pokémon Center


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