Secret Invasion Crew Hat Hints Why Captain Marvel’s Skrulls Go Bad

Secret Invasion Crew Hat Hints Why Captain Marvel's Skrulls Go Bad

A cast and crew hat from Marvel’s Secret Invasion TV series may finally reveal just why Captain Marvel’s Skrulls have turned on planet Earth.

A Secret Invasion hat shared among cast and crew hints why the Skrulls, introduced in Captain Marvel, are invading Earth. 2019’s Captain Marvel brought a classic Marvel Comics story to life on the big screen, albeit with a major twist. In the comics, the Avengers wound up caught in the Kree-Skrull War, an ancient conflict between two rapacious empires. In the MCU, however, the Kree were the villains, and the Skrulls were simply shapeshifting aliens attempting to survive.

For all Marvel may introduced the Skrulls as allies, however, they look set to be becoming villains. Marvel is working on a Secret Invasion Disney+ series, based on a comic book arc in which the Skrulls launched a full-scale invasion on Earth. In the original storyline, the Skrulls use their shapeshifting powers to infiltrate all humanity’s defenses, coming close to conquering the planet. The precise cause of the Skrulls’ heel-turn has been a mystery, but may have been revealed by a recent Secret Invasion image from the series’ set.


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Twitter user @DadandLad4 has shared an image of a hat shared among the cast and crew of Secret Invasion. It’s a curious design, with a logo that inexplicably shows an owl with a Nick Fury-style eyepatch. However, the most interesting detail is alien script, which can be translated as “He Loves You.” In the comics, this line was associated with worshipers of the Skrull god Kly’bn, in whose honor the Skrulls invaded. The Skrulls considered the invasion of Earth to be a sort of holy crusade, and every time they struck, they intoned those sinister words. This line suggests Marvel Studios is following the same approach, hinting that Secret Invasion may follow a religious war.

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Gods seem to be a major part of the MCU’s Phase 4 slate, with Moon Knight introducing the Egyptian pantheon of Gods, and Thor: Love & Thunder featuring a villain named Gorr the God Butcher (Christian Bale), who travels the cosmos slaying deities. The recently released Thor: Love & Thunder trailer even included a brief glimpse of the corpse of an alien god, Falligar, presumably slain by Gorr. This makes Secret Invasion’s reference to an alien god particularly interesting, because it means the Skrulls may not simply be zealots, but may indeed be serving a warlike god who has set their covetous gaze upon Earth.

It’s reasonable to assume that not all Skrulls will be party to this invasion, though. Certainly Talos and his wife Soren are unlikely to be villains, given they were so close to Captain Marvel and — according to Spider-Man: Far From Home and WandaVision — are still working with Nick Fury. It’s possible Fury has headed out into space to try to prevent a Skrull civil war, aware the religious fanatics who worship Kly’bn are planning to invade Earth. If that is the case, it mirrors another arc from the comics. This storyline preceded the invasion, and saw Earth’s heroes make the mistake of allowing themselves to be captured by the Skrulls. Given this, Marvel’s Secret Invasion could well start with Nick Fury’s downfall.

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