Shang Tsung Can Absolutely Get It

Shang Tsung Can Absolutely Get It

We had another very special episode of You Love To See It last week, since I was sick, and my esteemed co-host Fernanda took over the reigns. She wrote and recorded a new intro to a fantastic Mortal Kombat (1995) movie review, co-starring Rodrigo (her perma-crush and husband).

Fernanda writes:

“Oh, Hi there! Welcome to You Love to See It, Fanbyte’s movie review podcast. Every month, we pick a theme. Every week, we watch a movie. And then we decide where it belongs in our delightful neighborhood video store: if it’s snatched enough souls to earn a spot in our esteemed staff picks shelf, if it’s no flawless victory but it’s still impressive enough to secure a spot in our totally adequate middle aisle, or if it’s been promptly fataliti-ed and therefore earns a spot in our shameful revolting, roach-infested dumpster, where every day is Ben Shapiro’s birthday. 

shang tsung red lighting

Working the counter today we have yours truly, Fernanda “disreputable-looking cretin” Prates and… Only me! Don’t worry, that does not mean I’ll be out here talking to myself for an hour and a half. What it does mean is that we’re doing things a little bit differently today. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were not able to record a new episode this week. We still wanted you to have something to get you through the darkness of your days, though, so we are presenting you a re-run… What you’re about to hear is an old episode of my previous show, Best Camp of My Life, where I was once joined by my husband Rodrigo Del Campo to discuss the 1995 MASTERPIECE Mortal Kombat. As a quick note, this episode is not in our usual You Love to See it format and therefore it does contain spoilers right off the bat. But I mean… It’s Mortal Kombat. How much is there to spoil, really?

Today, we ran @NandaPrates_ + @RodDelCampo‘s incredible Mortal Kombat (1995) review for You Love To See It. It is a work of ART.

— Danielle Riendeau (@Danielleri) April 25, 2022

And if you’re wondering… “Wait, but does that mean you are unceremoniously abandoning Spring Fling month and depriving the world of all this priceless insight on fictional characters you’re horny for?” No, it does not, because coincidentally I spent about 85% of the episode thirsting after one of the movie’s characters. 

Which one? I guess you’ll have to hear to find out… Just kidding. It’s Shang Tsung. It’s the whole soul-snatching thing, I can’t really explain it. In any case… Here’s the episode!

You can also download it here, or find the show on your podcatcher of choice here!

Author: Deann Hawkins