Shonda Rhimes Is Glad Her Daughter Has Never Seen Grey’s Anatomy

Shonda Rhimes Is Glad Her Daughter Has Never Seen Grey's Anatomy

Shonda Rhimes, producer and screenwriter for ABC’s hit drama Grey’s Anatomy, says she is glad her 19-year-old daughter never watched the series.

Grey’s Anatomy producer Shonda Rhimes discloses that she is glad her daughter doesn’t watch the hit medical drama. Grey’s Anatomy premiered in March 2005 on ABC, following a surgical team developing their careers at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital while balancing personal and professional relationships. The drama series has been overwhelmingly well-received by critics and fans, earning countless award nominations and taking home the People’s Choice Awards for Best Drama several times. Grey’s Anatomy is touted as a juggernaut of television, attributing its longevity and dominant ratings to its solid writing, casting, and production.


In addition to being a medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy explores many romantic relationships, and places sexuality front and center. Episode 1 even opens with a “morning-after” interaction between Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey), with neither knowing who each other was, let alone their names. Later on, viewers meet Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez), who is perhaps the most sexually evolved character on the show, who realizes that she enjoys the company of women as much as men. These are just some of many examples of how the romantic and sexual elements of Grey’s Anatomy are fundamentally built into the show’s story.

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As reported by TooFab, Grey’s Anatomy producer Rhimes is glad her daughter doesn’t watch the series. In her comments, Rhimes describes her daughter’s horrified reaction to the show her mother wrote about sex, which all her friends have seen multiple times. However, instead of being insulted by her daughter’s lack of interest in the series, Rhimes is relieved that the 19-year-old never watched Grey’s Anatomy. See Rhimes’ remarks below:

“My youngest daughters are 8 and 9, so they’re far too young to watch it or even care, which is good. And I have a 19-year-old who finds it horrifying that I’ve written a show that all of her friends have seen multiple times, and so she has never seen it. I think about it like, her mother wrote a show that tells all her friends what to think about love and sex. So she’s not interested in watching it, and I think that that’s a very good thing.”

In the world of entertainment, Harper Rhimes is not the only one staying away from her parents’ work. Breaking Bad star Bob Odenkirk has previously revealed that he does not allow his children to watch the series. Additionally, Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow don’t let their children watch any of the movies they have created or starred in together. So, while Rhimes’ daughter has freely chosen to keep away from Grey’s Anatomy, the creator trying to achieve a degree of separation between her child and her own work is entirely understandable. Presumably, Rhimes’ daughter has not yet watched any of Bridgerton, the creator’s most recent period drama, which immediately became a Netflix hit in 2020 after becoming well-known for its very explicit sex scenes.

The fact the Rhimes can spin what many would otherwise take as an insult into a compliment is a refreshing perspective to take. The producer clearly understands that the track record for Grey’s Anatomy easily proves its place in TV history. The fact that her daughter is uncomfortable knowing what type of material her mother wrote is understandable for a teenager, and perhaps Harper Rhimes will watch Grey’s Anatomy for herself at some point down the line. For now, however, Grey’s Anatomy has already earned its spot as one of the all-time most iconic series.

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